Q & A Time!

Ms. Dinah over at “Dinah Says Nothing” (don’t let the name fool you, she’s constantly saying interesting things) is doing some blogger interviews. I raised my virtual hand and volunteered to be an interviewee. So here are her questions and my answers!

When you were little, what were your favorite things to eat?
I loved McDonald’s so much that, when I was little and in the hospital one time, a nurse asked what I wanted to eat and I told her I wanted McDonald’s fries. I think she actually bought them for me! I also loved and still love hotdogs with mustard.

What’s one of your strongest childhood memories?
Those usually centered around holidays, especially Christmas. But to be different, I’d say one memory was when my parents took me and my friend to a kid’s amusement park. Everything was smaller just for kids. The roller coaster at a regular park would be called “The Big Dipper”, but at this park there was a smaller one called “The Little Dipper”. I have a love-hate relationship with coasters, so I was apprehensive the first time we rode “The Little Dipper”. But after the first ride we both loved it so much we went back on six more times.

What has been your best blog related moment since you started blogging?
I could say that it was when I was nominated for the Bestest Blogger award when I had my Blogspot account, but actually the best moment has been getting to read about so many different people who blog!

Have you had any ‘oops’ or ‘uhoh’ moments while blogging?
Well I did vent about a guy I was confused about awhile ago, and I typed in some “F” bombs because I was so frustrated. When I woke up the next day I panicked a bit, thinking I should take the whole post off, but then figured people needed to see my hurt, angry side now and then. So I kept it.

If you were starting over again, would you choose a different name to blog under?
I don’t think so. “Eclectic Spaghetti” popped into my head at the time and I took it as a sign I should stick with it. I’ve had other blogs in the past, and now I can’t remember their names.

How have you changed since the blogging started?
I’m not quite as sensitive. Oh don’t get me wrong, I have my days. But when I first started blogging, and Ksra is a witness, I would get all frustrated when I posted something and nobody commented. That’s when I’d have a mental tantrum and cancel that particular blog, thinking nobody was interested in what I had to say. But now I’m in a slightly better place. ;)

What’s your favorite part of blogging?
There are two favorite parts: one is when an idea for a blog post pops in my head so strong that I have to stop everything (even work) to start the post, and two when I see that someone left me a comment. It’s an awesome feeling – like a surprise gift, and I can’t wait to open it.

How do you beat the blogging blahs?
I’m grateful for the site called “Blogthings” for their surveys, and also for memes. That’s how I usually beat the blogging blahs.

Have you ever thought about stopping blogging?
I’ve done it, I’ve canceled my blogs in the past before Eclectic Spaghetti. But “just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in”. I’ve thought about taking a break from blogging, but not canceling the whole thing.

What celebrity do you think you could be really good friends with, and why?
Halle Berry comes to mind, only because I think she’s from Cleveland.

What currently-running TV show do you think you could get into, but you just don’t have the time/it’s not on at a good time? Is there a TV on DVD show that you’re looking to get into next?
I’d love to get into the show “Dexter”, but since Showtime canceled “Dead Like Me”, and because it’s just more expensive than what I have now, I won’t subscribe again. I’ll have to either Netflix it or buy it at the store.

What’s one of your guiltiest of guilty pleasures?
Renting or buying incredibly stupid movies with bad acting. Recent example, I bought “Catwoman” on DVD. Thankfully, I found it at a flea market, so it was only about a buck or so.


7 thoughts on “Q & A Time!

  1. you are an excellent Interviewee.. Love the questions and answers.. don’t ever quit blogging.. You always have great stuff to read.. I makes my day just to read about everyone else.. I don’t feel so lonely and out of touch with the world..

  2. I can relate with your answer about blogging making you change some of your perceptions. It’s almost like therapy, a sort of journal where you can work out your thoughts and see things in a different way. Blogs are a great way to keep up with friends and make new ones :)

    Your blog is great…as is your taste in movies. Catwoman is a classic! I thoroughly enjoyed it! I also miss Dead Like Me!

    Netflix is great, because you don’t have to worry about late fees, and the selection is so much better than the local video store.

  3. Laura B.: I keep forgetting that the series could be on Netflix! I will add it, thank you! :)

    Babybull: Thank you so much! I will keep blogging until I have nothing else to blog about, but even then I’ll probably still blog!

    Silver: Dinah asked some interesting questions!

    Abroad: Thank you! That does mean alot to me! :)

    Eroswings: I’m certainly glad I kept up with this blog, because if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have met all of you awesome people! You all make my day! I’m glad you like Catwoman too! With Netflix, I like that I can keep a movie practically forever before returning it.

    Dinah: I did enjoy it! Gotta love the blogger interviews! Thank you for posting my answers!

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