Saturday Scavenger Shots: Nuisance

Cricket chose the word “nuisance” for this Saturday’s Scavenger Shot word! For a day or so I couldn’t think of an idea. But then one photo idea came to mind, then two more after I took a photo of the first one. So here we go!

Here’s the first nuisance – a vacuum cleaner. It’s bulky, loud and it scares the cat away every single time. Vacuuming with this thing is a nuisance, but it gets the job done.

This is another nuisance – ironing. Dragging out the squeaky ironing board to do some ironing is another major nuisance. That’s why I try to immediately take the wrinkle prone clothes out of the dryer right away so that I don’t have to drag this thing out of the closet.

Finally, exercising can be a nuisance when I’m not in the mood. Most of the time, though, once I get started on it, I’m glad I did it. This is a yoga ball I bought awhile back. It needs to be inflated a little more, but it’s proven to be more of an asset than a nuisance.

Can’t wait to find out about the next chosen one and his/her word!


13 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Shots: Nuisance

  1. BabyBull: Thanks! Yeah, major cleaning can be a nuisance.

    Laura B: We used to have a whole bundle of clothes to iron when I still lived with my parents. It sat there forever.

    Cricket: Thanks for the cool word!

    DMarks: Ha…yes, they certainly do! Some more than others.

  2. Very creative pic(k)s! :) I confess I don’t mind the ironing, because that’s what I usually do on Sundays–laundry and ironing, while watching t.v. I figure if I do ’em all on Sunday, I’m free the rest of the week. Also, I like that clean clothes smell.

  3. Eroswings: I usually do laundry on the weekends. It is nice, I don’t have to think about that chore for the rest of the week!

    AlienCG: Thanks!

    T-Bird: So can the exercise bike. I should’ve taken a photo of that for the day!

    K_Sra: Down with the vacuum cleaner! No more!

    Churlita: I tried once to train my cat to not be so scared of the vacuum, but it didn’t work.

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