Comfort Food and a Movie (Blog about your favorite comfort food and movie you watch while you’re sick)

When I was younger, I used to get frequent tension headaches. The food that helped sooth those, aside from Tylenol, was carrots. Don’t know what it was, my body must’ve been craving something from that particular veggie. Although it didn’t get rid of the headache by eating them, it helped treat the nausea I’d have with the headaches sometimes.

If I get sick nowadays, I go for the peanut butter sandwich and chicken noodle soup combo. That has been a comfort food for as long as I can remember. That and a cup of tea or a glass of ginger ale. One time though and after I had been living on my own, I got the flu. My mom felt my pain from across the phone lines, so she came over with the ice cream/sherbet push-ups that I used to eat as a kid. She also brought over a box of tissues and some other essentials for her flu-inflicted daughter. It was awesome.Thanks ma!

As for movies to watch while feeling sick, I usually go for a stupid comedy. I’ll watch one of those when I’m feeling sad and moody too. It usually does the trick. Some examples include; “Scary Movie 2 and 3” and “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy”. There was also a time after my mom and I had moved back into our condo after it had been repaired after a fire. I woke up at night with my stomach churning from worrying about whatever it was that was running through my head. I took some Tums and watched “This Year’s Love”. My stomach churning stopped and I was eventually able to go peacefully to sleep after the movie was over.

What are your comfort foods and movies?


10 thoughts on “Comfort Food and a Movie (Blog about your favorite comfort food and movie you watch while you’re sick)

  1. My number one comfort food is definitely tomato soup. When I don’t feel well, I like to drink it out of a mug. It is so soothing.
    As for a movie, when I am sick a comedy is the most I can manage. I don’t want to cry or think or anything like that. Office Space would totally work. Zoolander. Airplane, fo sho.

  2. Well, the truth is, any food is comfort food for me :) Actually, my fave is still fried chicken–thank goodness chickens are not going to be extinct for a while. As for movies, I do prefer the stupid comedies like Airplane and Scary Movie and Naked Gun for good laughs. Although, I did enjoy watching Love, Actually when I got a cold once; it’s nice to have something easy and cheesy for some good, relaxing fun.

  3. You probably already know mine – grilled cheese and tomato soup (preferrably out of a mug like Laura said).

    Comfort movies? All the goofy old nostalgia ones: Beetlejuice, Big, The Goonies and Roadhouse are a few.

  4. Last time I was sick I ate oatmeal like crazy…and tea, lots and lots of tea.

    Movies though…when I’m sick the only thing I want to do is sleep. I can’t even listen to music so movies are definitely out.

  5. I like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. They’re simple, and very tasty.

    As far as movies go when I’m sick, I like to go for a good comedy or an adventure movie.

  6. Laura B.: Drinking tomato soup of a mug is the best. Awesome movie choices too! Those would cheer me right up!

    Eroswings: Mmm..fried chicken. Yup that’s a comfort food and a half! With biscuits.

    RM: That’s a perfect movie for a sick day! Hope you never ran into Mr. Rooney. ;)

    Churlita: Beetlejuice! I’ll have to remember that! I have it on hand, it’s just I never think of it when I need a comfort movie. One of my favorite movies, though!

    Cricket: Yeah, let’s all head on over to Churlita’s place! :) I’m beginning to like tea again. Especially ginger tea.

    Suze: I read all your comments yesterday and felt compelled to make myself a toasted cheese sandwich. Didn’t have soup on hand, though. But yeah, I like tomato soup in a mug with crackers sprinkled on top. Oh yeah, and “Bridget Jones Diary” is another one of my favorites. Great choices!

    Babybull: Mm pumperknickle. Good stuff! And a scary movie? I like your thinking! :D

    Silver: Your body is definitely telling you that you need to sleep and recharge rather than watch movies, so it’s best to listen, right? Oatmeal is so good for you.

    AlienCG: Yeah, the PB and J sandwich is something you can make real quick and it’s there for you!

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