Donation Week

This entire week is Donation Week. If you have clothes, food, old movies, music, etc. you’d like to give away, well here’s your chance. Actually any day is a good time to give stuff away. But if you’ve been putting it off and looking for a sign, well here it is. A Salvation Army store and donation drop-off is located near my place, so it makes things quite easy. I just drive around the back and drop the stuff off. Preferably when they’re open, because a bunch of helpful people are usually there to greet me and they help take the stuff and put it in their drop-off section of the store. Also, there are two huge bins used exclusively for clothes so that you can just drop any off when you’re ready.

This weekend was nice and relaxing. I’m proud to say I didn’t do much at all. Wait, that’s not true. I worked part of Saturday, and then when I got home I had the urge to finally clean out and organize my VHS and DVD shelves. That was a chore and a half, and I didn’t realize it would be. I don’t know why, because there were lots of movies to go through. You’ve seen my shelves from another post, right? Well that was in complete shambles. Only the movies in the back of the shelves were mildly alphabetized. So I took out all of the movies I had from those two shelves. Each shelf was three rows of movies…maybe four. I took them all out and put them on my floor and alphabetized them there. I did the VHS movies first. My plan A was to print out a spreadsheet I had made awhile ago of all of my movies and then scratch off ones I don’t have anymore, add ones that were new. But I had some technical difficulties, so I went to plan B – took a notebook and wrote out all the titles. In the end I counted a total of 192 VHS movies. Mind you, this was after I picked out some to either give to my mom or give away to charity. Also, there were a few from TV series and a special set of ghost stories.

After I dusted off the shelves and put all the VHS tapes back in newly alphabetized order, I had room to organize my DVDs. When they first came out in stores, I only had about five or six. Not anymore. I put them all out and, not counting the DVD sets like “MyStery Science Theater”, “Scrubs”, “Unsolved Mysteries”, “Roseanne” and a few more, I counted a total of 87 DVDs. Those too are now all in alphabetical order.

Now I have a box of tapes ready to donate. It feels great to get rid of stuff and to know that someone else will be buying the horror movie “The Sandman” for a much better price and wonder what they’re watching.

My shelves before the organization fit….

…and after…

I was going to say that it doesn’t look like much was done, but I think it’s pretty evident now. I only took out about 15 movies or so. I think that someday I’ll need to adopt a whole wall to my collection, because I know I’ll be buying more movies.

7 thoughts on “Donation Week

  1. You have a nice big video collection! It must have felt great to get it all organized. I tend to have some trouble giving things up, but I always feel better donating things than just tossing them.

  2. FW: Yeah, those are Wii games. I need to find another place to store those before I get carried away and make everything messy again! :D

    Eroswings: Thanks! I miss “Dead Like Me”, but at least if I want to watch it again I can turn to my library.

    AlienCG: Thank you! I hope I can keep it that organized longer this time!

    K_sra: Thanks for suggesting the donation week! :) Great idea!

    Churlita: I had to be in the complete mood to tackle that project. Otherwise I would’ve lost motivation and the movies would’ve been lying around or just shoved right back onto the shelves.

    Laura: It did feel great! I’d like to keep it organized for as long as possible. Didn’t even think I’d be able to give up some of those videos.

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