An Awesome Moment

During my VHS/DVD organization phase, I found a few exercise DVDs I forgot I had plus a VHS workout. That one caught my eye. A fifteen minute workout for the stomach. I needed that one. My legs are fine, I take the stairs. My arms…eh, well they can be handled next. But I had some time to spare this morning, so I popped in the 15-minute workout tape. I’m glad I did. Although I couldn’t vigorously do everything on it, I was able to do most. The reward came later.

I’m sitting in my office drinking some lemon ginger tea after having a talk with my associate, and suddenly I became energized and ambitious. I surely hope it was the workout. Either that or it was the ginger tea. Whatever it was, it made me feel good. Not drug-induced good, but a healthy good. It lasted for almost 8 hours and then I had to have some coffee. But only a half cup! I’m thinking it was due to Denise Austen’s cheesily enthusiastic workout tape. So thank you, Ms. Austen.


9 thoughts on “An Awesome Moment

  1. How fortuitous to find that tape! The workout does pay off, because exercise really does raise your energy level. And it is nice when you try to rely less on drugs and more on healthy, if not more natural, alternatives like tea and exercise. Well, done!

  2. I need to get back on my horse and start exercising again regularly. I’ve gained a little weight since I quit smoking, but I’d rather have the weight than the addiction.

  3. It was the workout. I also have a fifteen minute video that I used to use every morning (ahem, need to find it again), and it often made the difference between alert and alive vs. dragging and sagging.

  4. Cool. I’m not sure what feeling energetic is.

    I saw Denise Austin. She was Grand Marshall of the holiday parade a few years ago. It was about 20 degrees and she sashayed by in a tartan mini shirt – and the backs of her legs, um, weren’t perfect. I still carry the image.

  5. Eroswings: Especially ginger tea. I don’t need to add sugar to it. But yes I’m glad I found that tape! Also found some pilates DVDs to work with.

    AlienCG: I was slacking on exercising when my family came to visit. Now I’ve gotta fully get back to it.

    K_sra: I forgot that I need to stretch before going on an exercise whim, too. My muscles ache today, but I exercised again plus hit the exercise bike when I got home from work.

    Churlita: I can see how running would give you lots of energy. Sounds like a great workout!

    Cricket: So Denise Austin needs to start another video that works the legs, right? ;)

    Tim: Thank you! Yeah, I exercised the same way this morning and also used the exercise bike when I got home from work. But now the sleepiness is hitting me.

    Laura B. Sometimes the only exercise I get is walking around the stores to shop. But that’s something, right?

    Silver: The coffee did hit the spot, and it was a perfect treat that helped me get through the rest of work and onto choir practice!

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