Saturday Scavenger Shots: Face

It was Laura B’s turn to pick the word for this Saturday, and she chose a good ‘un. “Face” is the word, and here are mah photos:

The Face of Skittle McDoodles

The Face of Skittle McDoodles

I don’t think I’ve posted a Skittles photo in awhile, so here’s one for you. She has quite a sour look on her face.

The Face of Joshua

The Face of Joshua

This is my mom’s cat, Joshua. He should know that his face will freeze like that if he scowls too much. He’s usually a happy-go-lucky kitten.

Why the long witch face?

Why the long witch face?

Why the long face? Well I took this last year during Halloween, and not enough people dressed up at the office. They’re no fun. Hopefully this year will have more participation.

Face Your Fear of Public Speaking

Face Your Fear of Public Speaking

Finally, I took this when my brother, his wife and I went playground hopping last weekend. This little stage wasn’t around when I attended that grade school. There were a few more pieces of playground equipment and I think more trees! I hope they didn’t cut down too many. Anyway, back in the day I played with my boyfriend and his two friends in the area where this stage stands now. We also pretended to be the characters from the show “The A-Team”. I think my boyfriend played the character by the name of Face. Ha! How’s that for making a point? So I guess they eventually built this little stage where kids can perform in front of an audience. It is a place where people can face their fear of stage fright.

Look forward to finding out who will be tagged next and what the new word will be!


10 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Shots: Face

  1. Great fotos! Your cat seems to be saying, “Excuse me, but I’m occupied at the moment!” Your mom’s cat, “What do you mean by, ‘We’re out of tuna’!?!” I hope this year there’s a great Halloween spirit in the office!

  2. a bewitching collection to be sure. although everyone seems kind of cranky, and surely in eclectic spaghetti-ville, october is a favorite month!

    hope you’re not the only one this year! : )

  3. Babybull: Thanks! :D

    Eroswings: Skittles usually perches there when she wants a drink from the faucet. But she does not like to pose for photos. I too hope that there’s more Halloween spirit this year! Next paycheck will have to be centered towards Halloween decorations for both home and office.

    Cricket: Isn’t it? I can imagine a Shakespeare play performed by kindergartners.

    Churlita: Never say never. I still don’t like doing it, but it’s not impossible to beat. It’s just…not always fun.

    Tim: That photo makes me laugh every time I see it. He needs to be wearing glasses at the tip of his nose. Then he’d look like a stern professor.

    Dmarks: When in doubt, check out all our other blogs for a clue! But still, better late than never.

    K_sra: It’s true, the cats and I do look sour and therefore not very festive. Actually, I think Joshua’s look was because the flash went off and he may have been in mid-blink. So just two, technically sour faces. But yeah, I hope more people dress up this year, too.

    Laura B.: Aww, thanks! I’m wondering how many plays have been performed on that stage since it was built.

    AlienCG: Thank you!

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