“Would you say I have a plethora of [photos]?”

Sorry for the brief posting delay, blogging friends! I was not in the mood yesterday. Had two headaches. Yes. Two! I had one in the afternoon and took something for it so it went away. Then by the end of my shift (worked till 7pm) it was back. Just one of those “you need to shut down and sleep” headache. But I didn’t go to sleep right away. I took something for that headache and then watched the SNL special that was on. Loved watching Hammond and Armisan impersonate McCain and Obama, although Hammond needs to look a little bit more like McCain, he has the voice down real well. Plus, there was a brief cameo appearance by Bill Murray who was one of the guys in the audience asking the politicians if it’s possible for the Cubs to stop losing games.

Anyway, I did mention in one of my most recent posts that I had more photos to share from the relative-visiting marathon. Here they are!

Purple fire. We went to my brother’s house and had pizza, watched a little football (just about a half hour, I think, which was enough) then went outside to sit around the barbecue thingy, chit-chat and roast marshmallows for s’mores. It was lots of fun. Plus, the amusingly hyper, family dog was outside with us and was overjoyed knowing that she had a bunch of people to play fetch with her.

Here is the amusingly hyper family dog. Once the flash went off, she cocked her head at me and looked confused. Silly pup.

Green Algae Rocks – When we went climbing over rocks and stuff down by Lake Erie, these were near the water. It’s best not to climb on those green rocks. They’re slippery.

Cleveland Rocks – There’s always a photo opportunity. The weather that day was perfect. Not too hot, not too cold.

A marker on the path we were on that stated we were at or near a part of The Underground Railroad. Very cool.

Marshmallows are not immune to the photo bunny ear infliction. My family laughed at the idea of me taking a photo of my marshmallow (pre-roast), but then one of my sisters-in-law got into the spirit and those are her fingers giving my marshmallow the bunny ears.

Last but not least, an authentic s’more! Graham crackers, chocolate and a freshly roasted marshmallow all smooshed together. It was deeeelicious.

Okay, those are the bulk of my photos, but I’m posting a few more either tomorrow or Sunday. Gotta find some for this Saturday’s scavenger shot theme, “face”!


9 thoughts on ““Would you say I have a plethora of [photos]?”

  1. That purple fire is so cool. Nothing better than a s’more. They’re why I go to the trouble of camping.

    I really like how much Cleveland people are Cleveland fans. I am clueless about Cleveland if it weren’t for bloggers.

  2. Great pics! The otherworldly fire and curious dog are great. The marshmallow one was funny–and someone in the background is either swatting flies or throwing up gansta signs! The postcard perfect pics of the lake rocks and Cleveland look great! But my fave has to be the smores–food of the gods!

  3. Hope you wake up feeling better.. I hat those kinds of headaches.. The pics are awesome.. I like the “Cleveland Rocks” picture with the clouds hanging over the city.. very cool..thanks for sharing..

  4. Cricket: Yeah, I think cooking out is the best part of camping for me, too.

    Laura B.: Thanks! I will Fed Ex you a s’more. :)

    Eroswings: I’ve got a bunch of gangstas in my family, yo. :)

    Babybull: Oh yeah, the next day my headache was completely gone. I had a feeling you’d like the cloud picture, you’re the queen of cloud pics! :)

  5. Churlita: Thanks! Yeah, the bunny ears were a nice touch.

    Laura B: Why, El Guapo? Hehe. Gotta love quoting from “The Three Amigos”.

    Manuel: I thought you would! I enjoyed putting one up as a title. That opportunity doesn’t always come around.

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