Fun Family Moments Take 2

A few days after one of my brothers and his family went back home, and after my mom’s cat was all settled back into his own domain, another brother and his wife flew in for a visit. Joshua (the cat), liked my brother and his wife for one night and then he decided that they were not conducive to his lifestyle. He avoided, hissed and hid for the remainder of their visit. When they left, he went back to pestering my mom for cat treats and everything else in his regular routine.

Well the cat might not have had a good time while they visited, but we did! We had dinner over at my place on Friday night, then the next day my brother, his wife and I visited the town we grew up in. This included some of the schools we went to, a few playgrounds and we even drove by the houses we lived in. You’d better believe that we took photos.

This is not the most glamorous, flattering pose, but it gives you a bit of proof that I attempted to cross the monkey bars. It was not easy, I was out of practice and I had to hold on till my sister-in-law took a few photos. This was taken at our old elementary school. Seeing the building, the parking lot and the playground brought back some interesting, funny memories.

We drove up the parking lot of our middle school, but didn’t take any photos. We did remember how that particular building seemed so scary and huge to us when we realized we’d be going there after graduating from grade school.

We also went to our high school. There was a “Baby Bonanza Fair” going on somewhere else in the school, but as we approached the front of the school where the cafeteria was located, we saw a bunch of people lifting weights and selling vitamin supplements. Apparently they were having some sort of body-building fair. My brother and I were not interested in going to the fair, we were interested in checking out the rest of the building. We casually walked right past the tables of muscular men and women and right into the darkened hallways of the school. You have to know that this whole week after our visit, I’ve had the John Mayer song stuck in my head, more specifically the lyrics, “I wanna run through the halls of my high school, I wanna scream at the top of my lungs…” Anyway, we didn’t run, but we did explore several areas of the building without any hall monitors asking for I.D. (course it was on a Saturday), and the only things going on besides the baby bonanza and the weight training shows was a game going on in the auditorium. Basketball, perhaps. It was really fun, if we had more time I would’ve liked to explore the entire school.

My brother remembered where his locker and homeroom was located which made me feel like I had a case of amnesia. I don’t remember where my locker was located, although it’s coming back to me now. But we might’ve had the same homeroom, because his looked familiar. I know that lots of classrooms look familiar, but the one we saw looked really familiar. We went up and down stairs and hallways and then we ventured into the alumni shop where we talked to some friendly alumni people who ran the shop. We were asking them about some of the teachers we had, and a few are still there. It was a really nice visit!

We visited the playground in back of our old house, too. I had to try the classic slide that’s been there forever. My sister-in-law got me on video, so I’ll have to see that later on. I noticed that it’s much easier to go down metal slides than plastic ones. Then we went on the swings and then walked taking more photos and walking near the train tracks.

Here’s the slide…in case ya wondered.

Also, here are some ancient monkey bars. It has been crossed many times by kids and adults alike. Plus, I loved it when I mastered hanging upside down on them. Or sitting up on top. That was quite awhile ago, though.

Train tracks…Again, just in case you wondered.

More photos and stuff tomorrow! I would post it all on one post, but I’m tired and it adds to the suspense.

13 thoughts on “Fun Family Moments Take 2

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! Your pix are fantastic! I esp like the tracks pic because it seems to be of possibilities–moving forward but connecting to the past. Your monkey bars pic shows how exuberant you are!

    Why were there body builders selling vitamins at the high school? Have they tested the students for steroids? I’m curious what a Baby Bonanza Fair is. Because when I think Bonanza, I think of that old western; or perhaps this was some sort of fair to help teenage moms!

  2. I’m glad you had a great time time revisiting your childhood and visiting with your brother and family.. it’s always nice when you get to go back and see what changes were made..

  3. I don’t think I’ve been back to any of my schools since I left them, although they aren’t that far. It sounds like it brought back a lot of memories for you guys. I really like all of your pictures! Around here, all of the metal playground equipment has been replaced by plastic.

  4. I have no desire to visit my old schools (except college). I’ve never been able to cross the monkey bars, but I always liked sliding boards. Can’t wait to see more photos.

  5. Eroswings: The body builder fair was a strange thing to see in a school. You might be right about the baby fair for teenage moms. My guess, though, was that it was just a place to set up something for people looking for baby stuff.
    Glad you like the tracks photo!

    Babybull: Most of the school looked the same – the old section especially. I thought it would have the same smell, but this time I could smell hot asphalt. Weird.

    NoRegrets: It usually feels like my arms are going to get ripped out at the shoulders when I try to cross the monkeybars now.

    Churlita: Even more reason to check out Arizona, right? :)

    Laura B.: Thank you! I’m glad they kept a few pieces of the old playground equipment. “If it ain’t broke…”

    AlienCG: I will post more photos tonight! Glad you like em! The swings and the slides are my favorites.

  6. aw, shucks, I remember running through the halls of our high school and screaming at the top of our lungs. Or maybe it was just me screaming. I think you used me for vicarious screaming in those days! : )

    Surely after a late night choir practice we did a little “yelling” through the halls. Shirley…

  7. Cricket: I have an idea of where mine is now, but don’t ask me the number, cuz that is lost in the archives of my brain.

    Ksra: I’m thinking that some of the people who listened to our choir thought we were screaming. I remember a time when we did run down one hallway with our choir robes on. Then I got a laughing fit because all you could hear was flapping from our long sleeves.

  8. I’m not sure my old elementary school is even still there anymore. Maybe.

    The monkey bars brought back so many memories – they were my favorite and I would work them like a a little gymnast (in my imagination). Every year I would come home after the first day of school with my palms all blistered from the monkey bars.

    Thanks for the memories Tara!

  9. Abroad: Hey, how’ve you been? I liked the monkey bars too..Hanging upside down, crossing them, sitting on top, making friends laugh while crossing them so that they’d fall and have to start all over again…Good times. >:)

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