Fun Family Moments

We’ve had family visits for a couple of weeks now. First my brother and his family visited, then we had a few days after they left, and then another brother of mine and his wife came in to visit. I took lots o’photos, some of which I have shared already. We had lots o’fun during the visits!

– I took my mom’s cat back to my place so that the first group of visitors (especially my 1-year-old nephew) weren’t woken up prematurely by a vocal kitty. But when it came time to find the cat to take home with me, he was hiding underneath my mom’s bed. Not a happy cat. So I was flat on the floor, lying on my stomach, trying to coax the cat out from under the bed. My brother walked in and, with perfect “Seinfeld” timing, said to me, “And you wanna be my Latex salesman.” Hehe. Made us all laugh, except for the cat. Eventually I was able to pick him up and put him in the carrier. He was glad to be away from that chaos.

Great Advice, Dontcha Think?

Great Advice, Dontcha Think?

There were several bits of chalk graffiti at Coe Lake the day a group of us went fishing. That shot was my favorite. Family time is nice, but it can dig at one’s nerves after awhile. It’s best to just stand or sit back and “relax”.

Like Photo Shooting a Fish in a Bucket

Like Photo Shooting a Fish in a Bucket

Here’s one of the many fish my nephew caught that day. He claims he caught 100, and that’s the story he’s sticking to, so it’s a fact. We eventually set all the fish free, and they swam happily to their next destination in the lake.

I did not expect to find a rainbow in one of the shots I was reviewing. This one was by a swing set at the playground near the fishing spot. I didn’t notice the little rainbow until later on. Then immediatly burst into the song our teacher taught us in grade school, “Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue…Now you can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow too…” See?

Oh yeah, so anyway, we went to a playground and my 4-year-old nephew and I hit the swings. My stomach reminded me that I hadn’t been on a swing for awhile, but the more time I spent on it, the less my stomach tickled. Gotsta love the swings. Which is why I made a holiday for it this month!

More photos from the other visitors tomorrow! Stay tuned.


10 thoughts on “Fun Family Moments

  1. The picture of the rainbow and fish are cool! I suppose the fish are lucky the cats weren’t around! Relax is great advice! So, did mom’s cat act as your new alarm clock while crashing at your place? And how did the resident cat handle this guest?

  2. Eroswings: I was very proud of both cats, because neither of them woke me up with unnecessary hissing. Getting along with each other was a different story.

    Malcolm: Hi Malcolm, thank you! I’m glad it cheered you up!

    Churlita: Yup, that’s a good name for the stomach tickles!

    Laura B.: Thanks! Yes, we all needed some R&R, which is what vacations are for.

    Suze: It’s nice to get back to normal life, isn’t it? I do love when my family visits, though. It’s also fun to visit them.

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