Saturday Scavenger Shots: Dull

Yup, I know I’m late…But I did start the post on Saturday and just had to save it. Does that count?

Anyway, AlienCG chose this week’s word to be “Dull”. This was a tricky word, but let’s get down to it!

I took this photo while riding the Merry-Go-Round at the Cuyahoga County Fair in 2005. Food, animals, rides, games and people-watching – the fair is never dull.

My fingernails can look very dull sometimes.

All my nails really need when they start looking dull is a quick once-over with my three-step nail buffer. Then they look all shiny. I tried taking a photo of my shiny nails, but it didn’t turn out too well. You’ll just have to trust that they sparkle.


8 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Shots: Dull

  1. Babybull: Thanks! Yeah, I was surprised at how much that little thing can shine up my nails.

    Churlita: Thank you!

    AlienCG: Thanks, well yeah the Merry-Go-Rounds, compared to roller coasters, can be a bit underwhelming. But I still like them. That and the Tilt-a-Whirl and The Scrambler.

    NoRegrets: First side is the file, then the duster then that buffer. It feels great, actually. I’ve done it on my toe nails too!

    Laura B.: Thanks! I got that buffer by being suckered in by a sales lady at the mall. It was the first time I was really impressed by a mall product. But now they try to catch me in the mall all the time and I can tell them I bought their stuff already.

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