Superstition Day.. Make A List Of Your Favorite Superstitions

I’ll tell you about a superstition that I had back in college. I actually made it up, thinking it would improve my odds.

I had a coverlet on my bed. One side of it was white (with a pink cat design), the other side was pink (with white cat design). I made it up that the white side was good luck, so the night before a college exam, I would sleep with the white side facing up. Did it help my chances? Doubt it. But I couldn’t shake it for the longest time.

Anyway, I found the following superstitions on this trivia website and most were quite funny and lots of them were ridiculous.


  • An acorn should be carried to bring luck and ensure a long life.
  • An acorn at the window will keep lightning out


  • It’s bad luck to put a hat on a bed.
  • If you make a bedspread, or a quilt, be sure to finish it or marriage will never come to you
  • Placing a bed facing north and south brings misfortune.
  • You must get out of bed on the same side that you get in or you will have bad luck.
  • When making the bed, don’t interrupt your work, or you will spend a restless night in it.


  • If a bee enters your home, it’s a sign that you will soon have a visitor.
  • If you kill the bee, you will have bad luck, or the visitor will be unpleasant. (Isn’t a bee entering your home an unpleasant visitor in the first place?)


  • A bird in the house is a sign of a death. (Yeah, the bird’s death if there’s a cat in the house!)


  • If you blow out all the candles on your birthday cake with the first puff you will get your wish.


  • If a black cat walks towards you, it brings good fortune, but if it walks away, it takes the good luck with it. (I hope that’s not true for all cats, mine turns her back on me all the time.)
  • Keep cats away from babies because they “suck the breath” out of the child.
  • A cat on board a ship is considered to bring luck.


  • If your right eye twitches there will soon be a birth in the family. If the left eye twitches there will soon be a death in the family.
  • To cure a sty, stand at a crossroads and recite:

“Sty, sty, leave my eye
Take the next one coming by.”


  • If your nose itches you will soon be kissed by a fool.

“If your nose itches
Your mouth is in danger.
You’ll kiss a fool,
And meet a stranger.
Rub an itch to wood
It will come to good.”


  • To kill a raven is to harm the spirit of King Arthur who visits the world in the form of a raven.


  • If you drop scissors, it means your lover is being unfaithful to you.


  • Place a hand in front of your mouth when sneezing. Your soul may escape otherwise.
  • The devil can enter your body when you sneeze. Having someone say, “God bless you,” drives the devil away.


  • Seeing a spider run down a web in the afternoon means you’ll take a trip.
  • A spider is a repellent against plague when worn around the neck in a walnut shell. (I’m sorry, but I will not wear a spider around my neck.)


  • A bride’s veil protects her from evil spirits who are jealous of happy people.


  • A watermelon will grow in your stomach if you swallow a watermelon seed. (My brother told me this one when I was a kid.)

Do you have any superstitions?


13 thoughts on “Superstition Day.. Make A List Of Your Favorite Superstitions

  1. I don’t really have any superstitions. I wear my Chinese coin necklace to bring luck, but I have had both kinds of luck with it on, so now I just wear it because it looks good.

  2. Those are great..

    I had one about a black cat crossing your path brings bad luck

    Don’t trim your toenails on a Sunday the devil will collect your soul..

    Don’t walk under a ladder it is bad luck.. I’m sure you covered most of them.. they are great..

  3. AlienCG: I think I’ve seen that necklace, it’s pretty cool-looking!

    BabyBull: Never heard about the toenail superstition! Too funny. I’ve heard about the ladder, and although I think about that superstition whenever I’m near ladders, I have walked under them. I also heard that we’re not supposed to open our umbrellas indoors because it’ll bring bad luck.

    NoRegrets: I’ve heard that one too! And if your ears are ringing, it means someone’s talking about you.

  4. I don’t have superstitions, more like OCD. I have to do everything pretty well symmetrically. Like, if I have an itchy ear, I’ll have to scratch the other one afterwards too because it gets jealous and itchy too.

  5. It’s said that if you are on your way to do a good deed, angels will watch over you. Sometimes, when I know a friend is about to travel, I give them a buck to deliver to a homeless person or charitable intstitution after they arrive. So far, no travel-deaths.

  6. When the chain on my neck turns backwards and the clasp is in the front, I always kiss the clasp, but I don’t know why. Is it somebody is thinking of me? Something.

    That one is just sweet. I don’t have many superstitions otherwise. In a house with four black cats, I could drive myself crazy with it!

  7. I throw salt over my shoulder every time I use it. I also don’t say anything while I cross over bridges as I make a wish. If you say something, it won’t come true. hahaha, I’m so silly. = ). I also get a haircut every month.

  8. Churlita: They’re fun to read about though, right? I loved looking at all those on that website.

    T-Bird: I have a little bit of OCD too. Almost always checking something “one more time”.

    David in DC: That’s an interesting, good-deedish thing to do! Kind of like a “pay it forward” thing!

    Cricket: I’ve heard that if the clasp of a necklace moves to the front, you can make a wish. I always forget to do that. Oh and yeah, you’ve got a whole batch of beautiful black cats!

    Eroswings: Really? I didn’t know about that one!

    RM: I’ve heard that the wish you thought up while blowing out birthday candles won’t come true if you tell people what you wished for.

    Laura B.: It is fun hearing about all of those!

    Arthur Clewley: Hi there! I heard about that one, especially when my brothers would bug me and I’d be all whiny and stuff.

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