Black Cat Walks Across Your Path Day

I don’t have a black cat, so I couldn’t take a picture of one walking across my path. I have a brown-n-black torti calico, but she’s eating now and mustn’t be disturbed. So instead, I just drew one who seems to be happy that he/she has the superstition stigma. I don’t get why some think black cats are bad luck. Cats are cats. Therefore they’re on my good side already.


7 thoughts on “Black Cat Walks Across Your Path Day

  1. Apparently, black cats crossing your path is good luck in Europe! I never knew about this black cats and bad luck til middle school when I read book on superstitions! We had a bunch of black cats, and they caught vermin just as well as the rest of the others. That was a good thing!

  2. I had a black cat named Spooky while I was growing up. He was beautiful and sweet. Whenever he kneeded on something and purred his nose would run. It was sort of disgusting, but it was his own little quirk.

  3. Well as you know I have two cats that look identical.. Black and white.. I doubt that really counts.. but they not only cross my path, they get underfoot all the time..

  4. NoRegrets: Our cats have been pretty lucky to us too.

    Churlita: Yeah, I like their shiny furr and the whole mystery of a black cat.

    Eroswings: According to a superstition website, I guess it depends on which direction they walk. If they walk towards you, it’s good cuz their bringing good luck. If they walk away, they’re taking the good with them.

    Laura B.: Aww, he sounds cute aside from the runny nose. I know some of them drool when you pet them. I like the name Spooky for a cat.

    Suze: If you had done that, the cat would’ve collected it and gone to play the slots himself. Cats are crafty like that.

    Babybull: Ohhh, yeah, the underfoot thing. Especially on stairs when you have your arms full of stuff.

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