Blog About Your LEAST Favorite Horror Movie

Welcome to October! Where has that year gone? Didn’t we JUST celebrate January 2008?? Yet here we are with just a few months of 2008 to spare. Dang. I’m ready for 2009, though. Bring it on.

Anyway, I thought up this particular eclectic holiday, because I think we’ve posted about our most favorite horror movies. There are the others, though, that we could do without. I’m not talking about the horribly gruesome ones where we say they’re terrible, but if we see them on TV we sit down and watch anyway. No, I’m talking about the ones that make us cringe because we spent money to watch them on the big screen. Or we sat down in our homes to watch them, thinking they’d be worth our time.

Here are my least favorite horror movies:

Exhibit A: The remake of “The Haunting”. Where does Catherine Zeta-Jones, Owen Wilson and Liam Neeson get off by trying to act? Don’t insult me, peeps. I’ll confess this to you, though. When it was available to own, I actually bought the friggen remake. How sick is that?? It might be one of those I’ll give away when I eventually clean out my video library. Or maybe I’ll keep it for laughs. I know I’ve shared my resentment towards that remake already, though.

Exhibit B: The remake of “The Fog”. I tried. I tried to open my mind to new experiences and watch the remake, because the first version is still one of my favorite spooky movies. Dear God. My stomach, ears and eyes couldn’t take much, and I eventually had to turn the channel. Selma Blair as Antonio Bay’s lighthouse owner and DJ Stevie Wayne??? Plus some no-name pretty-girl that, I guess, plays the role Jamie Lee Curtis portrayed? Pah-lease. Ahem. Maybe I’m taking this too personal. ;)

I won’t see the remakes of “Amityville Horror” or “The Omen”. No thank you. I’d rather just enjoy the memories from the originals.

So what is your least favorite horror movie? And if you’re not into horror movies, what are some of your least favorite movies of all time?


13 thoughts on “Blog About Your LEAST Favorite Horror Movie

  1. The omen remake was pretty much scene for scene copying (barring 5 minutes or so of original stuff).There isn’t much to object to, other than that you’re paying to see a film that you’ve already seen.

  2. I saw the remakes for all those movies and I must say they don’t do the originals any justice.. Poor acting and big name stars don’t always mean it will be a good movie.. I recently saw the original The Haunting and it is a definite must see..also House On Haunted Hill the remakes sucked.. but the original with Vincent Price is also a must see or must have in a collection of worthy scary horror flicks..

  3. I didn’t mind the Amityville Horror remake, but maybe that’s because it had a shirtless Ryan Reynolds.

    the first Haunting was so scary, I couldn’t even watch it to the end when I was a kid. Seeing the second be so lame, has curbed any leftover nightmares from the original one for me.

  4. I actually liked The Amityville Horror remake … I remember once scene that actually did make me jump – and I rarely jump during horrors! Give it a whirl if it’s on TV or something!

  5. First off all, I hope you’re feeling better and getting over your cold! Second, I fear I won’t spend a day to celebrate Caramel Apple Appreciation; I plan on celebrating for a whole week instead!

    I can’t really decide on a least favorite horror movie, because most of them are pretty crappy! Although, the last horror movie that really disappointed me was The Ring. Now, up until the very end, I was hooked by the creativity and fresh storyline!

    But when it concluded that the only way to save themselves was to make copies of the movie (to give out), that pissed me off! It was basically a chain letter (or chain email) gimmick, and I hate those chain letters (and chain emails)! What a waste of resources and time! Totally ruined the movie for me!

    The American remake of The Grudge sucked! The original Japanese version was way better (and scarier)! Although, to be fair, in the American version, I kept waiting for Buffy to save the day! And I was also expecting her Roswell boyfriend to use his alien powers against the ghost.

  6. I have to agree with Eros. Buffy not saving the day was actually distracting me from the plot on the Grudge.

    I’ve never really met a film I didn’t like… I’ll have to give it some more thought.

  7. Suze: I heard that one wasn’t very good.

    Dave: I think the kid in the original Omen was creepier. Thank you for visiting and commenting! :)

    Babybull: I bought the remake of “House on Haunted Hill”. Certainly not for the acting talent, or lack thereof. But some of it was creepy. But I also liked the Vincent Price version.

    Churlita: Shirtless, eh? Hmmm…Maybe I will rent that one! I may have ruined my excitement for the original Haunting, just because I’ve watched it so many times.

    Tim: Okay, now two people who liked the Amityville remake! Okay, I’ll definitely have to check that one out.

    Cricket: You didn’t like “The Princess Bride”?? What’s wrong with you? Hehe. just kidding. That movie might be one of those cult classics. I liked the movie, but I wouldn’t say it’s my all time favorite.

    Laura B.: Oh I forgot about the remake to Psycho! Eek.

    Eroswings: A whole week of caramel apple appreciation? Glad to see another fan of that blessed treat! I was very disappointed by both “The Grudge” and “The Ring”. People made them both out to be so freaky. I give a little bit of credit to “The Grudge”. I watched it again late last month and some of it gave me the creeps.

    T-Bird: Yeah, she certainly did not save the day, did she? Pretty useless, as a matter of fact! Thanks alot Buffy!

  8. There are way too many bad horror movies to blog about. Friday the 13th parts 5-112, Nightmare on Elm Street parts 3-84, just about any so-called horror movie coming out today and anything that was remade.

    I do agree with you on the idea of some of these remakes. I will not see the 1998(?) version of Psycho. The original was perfect. (as I just now realize Laura B has mentioned it).

  9. Did “The Haunting” remake have the boiling oil that moved through air and ate people? Or was that the other movie with a similar title? I loved that scene.

    Cricket: Wow. I have finally met someone else who did not like “Princess Bride”.

    I suppose for me the worst horror movie has to be any “Exorcist” movie that does not have “Tubular Bells” in it. It’s a shame not to use that. Come to think of it, “Exorcist II” did not use “Tubular Bells”, but I liked that one. Oh well.

  10. AlienCG: It looks like “The Day the Earth Stood Still” will be released pretty soon too. That’s more sci-fi, but I’m guessing there will be way too many special effects and explosions. There shouldn’t be, but it’ll be there.

    DMarks: No, the boiling oil cloud was in the remake to “House on Haunted Hill”. I liked that scene too, but wind up yelling and swearing at the two idiots who just stand in the hallway and watch it come closer.

    The third Exorcist movie wasn’t bad, but you’re right, Tubular Bells was missing from it.

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