October 2008! Yusss!!…I Mean…Boo!

That there is the supernatural mystery team from the cartoon “Scooby Doo”. I loved that show, and I’m sure I’ve mentioned it in the past a few billion times. Anyway, the shows usually ended the same, but I loved the spooky stuff they encountered. What the hell is wrong with me? I’ve liked this stuff since I was a kid and I STILL love it! Eh, don’t wanna analyze it.

October is my favorite month. Why? Because at the end of that month is one of my favorite holidays: Halloween. Oh the memories. When I was a kid, my mom would make my costume for me, and she was amazing. I was Princess Leia, the Genie from “I Dream of Genie”, Diana from the show “V”, Marge Simpson…you name it! As an “adult”, I still love looking at costumes and decorations, picking out the right costume, spending too much on it cuz odds are I’ll never be the same character again…Plus of course the candy that you “accidentally” bought “too much” of for the kids of the neighborhood. Oh darn. Sadly, we don’t have the door-to-door thing at my apartment, but really it’s for the best. Safety purposes and all that. Doesn’t mean I can’t dress up for work.

Enough babbling. Here is the list for October! Thanks to all who participated! This time I didn’t even go to the old standby, Butlerwebs.com for ideas. The holidays were either thought up by you, inspired by you or I thought a few of them up myself. Enjoy! And thanks again!

1. Blog About Your LEAST Favorite Horror Movie
2. Black Cat Walks Across Your Path Day
3. Superstition Day.. Make A List Of Your Favorite Superstitions
4. Buy Halloween Candy Day
5. Ghost Hunting Appreciation Day
6. Law Enforcement Week – Honor those who have the unlovable task of keeping us all in line.
7. Arts-n-Crafts Appreciation Day
8. Secret Agent Man’s 22nd Birthday
9. High Chair Appreciation Day – Post a picture of a high chair, preferably with someone (or something) cute sitting in it.
10. Falling Leaves Day
11. Learn a Clowning Skill Day – Learn juggling, balloon animal tying or just walking funny with a big nose.
12. Super Powers Day – Talk about what super power you’d like to have, and how you’d use it.
13. Donation Week – take those clothes, that appliance, those groceries or a little time that you have a little extra of and give it to a worthy charity.
14. Comfort Food and a Movie – Blog about your favorite comfort food and movie you watch while you’re sick.
15. Made to Order Day – Go have something altered, created or adjusted to your specific personal preference.
16. Soup Day – Blog about your favorite variety!
17. Candy Corn Fang Day – Take a picture of yourself or an unsuspecting model posing with candy corn fangs.
18. Seance Day – Who would you try to contact from the other side?
19. Junk Food and That’s It Day – Eat nothing but your favorite junkfood.
20. Blog About What Made You Start Your Blog
21. Read a Humorous Book Day
22. Show-and-Tell Day – Post a photo of an item you recently bought and tell us about it.
23. Caramel Apple Appreciation Day
24. Halloween Memories Day – Blog About Your Favorite Memory of Halloween
25. Act Like a Child Day
26. Try On All the Sample Colognes or Perfumes in the Store Day
27. Email a Joke to Your Friends Day
28. Swingers Day – Go to the park and swing on the swings. What did you think I meant?!
29. Avoid Talking on Your Cellphone While You’re Driving Day
30. Model Your Halloween Costume Day/Devil’s Night Pranks


8 thoughts on “October 2008! Yusss!!…I Mean…Boo!

  1. I miss celebrating Halloween. I haven’t had a party in years, haven’t dressed up in even longer, and even passing out candy is a no go for me, because in the last 3 years combined, we have had maybe 5 kids. I have no clue why. It is a nice, friendly, quiet neighborhood. Oh well…

  2. BabyBull: Ah, LHM has some great taste! :)

    Churlita: Swingers Day must be honored. I just hope I don’t forget about it!

    Manuel: Our apartment complex decided a few years ago to just throw a party for kids down in the offices rather than have them go door to door.. For safety reasons, it makes sense. But for nostalgia reasons, well I really miss it.

    Laura B: Glad to see another Halloween fan amongst us! :)

    T-Bird: Ack! You need to visit the USA and have fun on Halloween! So much fun.

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