October 2008 Ideas!

Hey all, I’ve been slackin’ and October is almost here! So if you want some holidays listed for the upcoming calendar, let me know as soon as you can! It’s the same month as Halloween, so feel free to theme it around that holiday if you want.  Also, any birthdays or any other anniversaries are welcome too. Just make sure you mention them in the comments.

Here is a photo of a sand castle I made when we went to the beach on Thursday. The door (or drawbridge) is the rusted lid from a tin can. So yes you could say I used litter to my advantage. But I had to find something quick before the whole thing was washed away by the waves.


8 thoughts on “October 2008 Ideas!

  1. Ghost Hunting Appreciation Day
    Black Cat Walks Across Your Path Day
    Superstition Day.. Make A List Of Your Favorite Superstitions
    Buy Halloween Candy Day

    Devil’s Night Pranks

    Falling Leaves Day

    There ya go.. A few to start it off..

  2. oh, that is so awesome! i like your sand-castle of doom! Mu-ha-ha!

    Holidays in no particular order:

    Made to Order Day – go have something altered, created or adjusted to your specific personal preference

    High Chair Appreciation Day – post a picture of a high chair, preferably with someone (or something) cute sitting in it.

    Law Enforcement Week – honor those who have the unlovable task of keeping us all in line.

    Learn a Clowning Skill Day – learn juggling, balloon animal tying or just walking funny with a big nose.

    Donation Week – take those clothes, that appliance, those groceries or a little time that you have a little extra of and give it to a worthy charity.

  3. Secret Agent Man’s 22nd Birthday is Oct. 8 :-)

    Soup Day – Blog about your favorite variety!

    Candy Corn Fang Day – Take a picture of yourself or a unsuspecting model posing with candy corn fangs…

    Seance Day – Who would you try to contact from the other side?

  4. Looks like you live in a very pretty corner of the world.

    OK here’s some ideas for the month:

    Junk Food and That’s It Day – you are only allowed to eat your favourite naughty junky treats and then blog all about it. Wait – that’s sort of what Halloween is for you folk, isn’t it?

    OK – definitely a Halloween post then. Pretty please?!

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