Saturday Scavenger Shots: “No”

I am so messed up right now, regarding the days of the week. I had to check a few sources today to see if it was really Saturday. Oh and I have a cold. My first cold of the season, I guess! Got it, I think, from my nephew who has been sniffling and coughing even before they got here. Poor kid. Doesn’t seem to slow him down, though!

Anyway, I realized today that I haven’t posted my photo for the Saturday Scavenger Shots! Conveniently enough, I found something to take a photo of when we went to the beach on Thursday.

There was a bigger sign just above this one that listed a whole bunch of things that are prohibited on the beach, and I should’ve taken a photo of that list. Anyway, this one apparently needed its own sign. We used to take our dog to the beach all the time, but not this particular area. It was fun to have her fetch sticks and stuff out in the water. I think they should’ve put up a huge sign that read “NO LITTERING” because there was one section of the beach that was covered in various pieces of trash. I’m sure they have a sign up like that, but then again it should be understood that we shouldn’t litter.

Anyway, thanks to NoRegrets for the word, “No”!


9 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Shots: “No”

  1. AlienCG: Thanks!

    Silverneurotic: Hi Silver, thank you for the well wishes!

    Babybull: Thank you, I think the cold is losing strength.

    Churlita: Thanks!

    Cricket: There will be plenty more Saturday Scavenger Shot opportunities, so don’t worry. You always come up with great examples, though.

    Noregrets: Our dog has been gone for awhile, but yeah seeing that sign would’ve broken her heart and ours.

    K_sra: I like the photo and the story you put up today for it!

    Laura B.: Thank you! :)

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