The Visitors

I think I posted previously somewhere, one of my brothers and his family are here to visit for the week! I too am on vacation, I worked only Monday and part of Tuesday and then that was it. Time to play….and sleep in…and not stress about work-related issues. I’ve been taking lots of photos, some I’m sure you’ll be enthralled by. Like this one:

Here we have our bucket o’fishing equipment from the other day – with a dinosaur and tinker toy thrown in for good measure. I have more photos to go through, so stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “The Visitors

  1. Oh, how I’ve missed reading your blog!

    *Raises fist towards the sky and curses the computer gods who sent the plague of crash to my laptop*

    I’m so glad you’re enjoying time with your family! Well, the dinosaur toy might be really good bait. I actually read in a newspaper once about a fisherman who had great success catching big fish with a Barbie as bait!

  2. BabyBull: He was very handy, he protected all of us. :)

    AlienCG: Those were good tools to have on hand, for sure!

    Churlita: The weather has been amazing! I thought it was going to rain yesterday, but the skies cleared up!

    Eroswings: Aw, I miss reading your blog too! Get that computer fixed, ya hear? Barbie as bait? Never thought of that! Did the fish thing they were gonna have a miniature human for a snack?

    Laura B: Thanks LB, I will! :)

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