Scanned Goods of Another Variety & Other Stuff

I’m looking forward to Tuesday afternoon, because at 3:30pm that day, I’ll be off on vacation for the rest of the week. Yay! My brother and his family are still coming in to visit us. Stay tuned for photos. My mission this weekend was to go looking for bath toys and books. It was a difficult project, looking in the toy department…but I managed. Just for the sake of the children.

Speaking of toys, I bought a few things for myself recently. One was something I’ve been meaning to get for a few years, the other was an impulse purchase. Both are worth the money. Here’s my much awaited gift:

This is one of my favorite shows on the Discovery Channel. For awhile they were only airing the show at 2pm on weekdays, so I could never catch it. Then they started airing two in a row starting at 1pm and another at 2pm. I can catch one when I’m home for lunch during that time. Anyway, I wanted to buy the DVDs for a few years now. Then I read yesterday that they have seasons 3 & 4 (if I read correctly), so I’ll eventually buy those too. It’s a great set, I was watching some yesterday. There were a few episodes in the beginning which spooked me enough to want to see more. One of them, “The Haunting of Summerwind”, gave me chills. Now, though, seeing that one again…and during the day…doesn’t seem as creepy. But I still enjoyed watching it. They’ll be the perfect thing to watch when it gets closer to Halloween.

“Star Wars: The Force Unleashed” was my impulse buy for yesterday. I saw the commercial for it a few days ago and loved the effects and what the character can do to enemies. Apparently between Episodes 3 and 4, Darth Vader takes on a secret apprentice. So this game has the person playing from the perspective of the young apprentice who’s supposed to battle all sorts of people, creatures and machines for Darth Vader. He can do all sorts of things to his enemies – electrocute, hit with his lightsaber, force push (sends a wave of energy to knock out the enemies), etc. My favorite maneuver, so far, is that the character can lift up an enemy using “the force” and then with another button he can impale the person with his lightsaber. It’s pretty awesome. Not bloody, though, but it gets the point across. Money well spent.

So that’s about it for now, I’ve gotta get ready for work. Oh! And I have a few new outfits too from when my mom and I went shopping on Friday afternoon! I had half of that day off because I worked on Saturday. So we literally shopped till we went home to my apartment and then dropped on the couch.

How was your weekend? What did ya do?


12 thoughts on “Scanned Goods of Another Variety & Other Stuff

  1. Hmm what did I do? well for one I was too sick to really enjoy my weekend.. but I did get out for abit on Saturday to do shopping.. mostly groceries.. and took LHM for a walk to the corner store for a treat.. the rest of the time was spent taking care of everyone else..

    I would love to see you do a fashion Montage of the new clothes you picked up..

  2. Have you gone over to the dark side Tara? It would be cool if you could develop those powers in real life, and use them at work, and while shopping in the supermarket or something!

  3. Oh, the things we go through for the sake of the children ;-)

    I’m glad to see you treating yourself to both long time wishes and impulse items. You deserve it!

    Maybe you will model some of your new clothes for us….

  4. AlienCG: Sounds suspenseful! Not sure what kind of games you’re into with Wii, but if you’re a Star Wars fan, you’ll probably like this game.

    Babybull: Ugh, I’m sorry you were sick over the weekend! I might do a fashion montage of my trip to JC Penney.

    Tim: Yes, I have gone over to the dark side. Don’t tell anyone just yet, though, okay? It would definitely be cool if I could use “the force” at work.

    Churlita: Totally ready for Halloween, yes!…Er wait no not completely. I still need some gruesome decorations.

    Suze: I’ve thought about buying MarioKart, because of the wheel that comes with it. That might be something to put on my Christmas list.

    Laura B.: Yes, it’s a sacrifice we have to make. ;) And thank you! Sometimes I splurge like that whether I deserve it or not. I bought a little book on relaxation that tells me to buy something for myself to reduce stress. It’s a smart book. ;) I just might model my new clothes for you.

    T-Bird: So far it is pretty freakin’ awesome. I worked up a sweat during one part of the game already!

  5. A: Thanks, I am having some fun so far!

    NoRegrets: Thank you! :)

    Manuel: I’ve realized that I like the games where I can zap and destroy things. I love my “House of the Dead” games, too, because I bought a Wii Zapper thingy. But yeah, “The Force Unleashed” is a fun game.

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