I was chosen to be the chooser of this Saturday’s Scavenger Shot word, not even realizing that the specific feature is one year old today! Awww, they’re so cute at that age, aren’t they? Such a cute feature, yes you are! I’ve snapped. Anyway, Evil-E invented this fun activity, so he should get the props. Awesome job, Evil-E! You’ve created a fun monster!

What was I saying? Oh yeah, so it was my turn to pick a word, and I chose “Red”. Finally was able to post my pics. Here they are!

This little bear may seem like an innocent little stuffed animal to you, but he’s actually 34 years old…maybe older. I found him in my closet and was going to give him away. Something told me to tell my mom about my find. Good thing I did. Over the phone she gasped and said loudly, “Don’t give him away!! That was your first toy!!” Who can argue with that, right? I had to keep the little guy. Apparently he used to wear a little vest. I cleaned him up and my mom gave me a little red chair for him to sit on. So there’s Winnie the Pooh sitting on a chair. He also plays the song to “Winnie the Pooh” when you wind him up.

My cat has been presented with lots of wonderful toys throughout her life. But one day, recently, I gave her a red feather to play with. Now she pretty much ignores all the other toys. She likes when I throw the feather for her. Do you realize how difficult it is to throw a feather? Anyway, she runs after it, no matter where it lands and is just head over paws with delight. I aim to please. She didn’t seem pleased to have the feather on her back, though, where she couldn’t quite reach it.

I don’t really like this photo, but it was the red dress I was aiming to take a photo of anyway. I was goofing around and wanted to look like a model in a JC Penney catalog or something. Red, for me, is a power color. I know that it’s a psychological thing, or that praying for extra strength is just as effective if not more, but wearing red on a day I need to confront something or someone does help a bit. Plus, I love the color.

I’m not so much a nail polish person anymore. Too much trouble. But in case the mood does strike, I have some on hand. This was a really cheap polish I found at the store and it was only while taking a photo of it for this day that I realized it was called “Jamaican Rum”. I never thought rum was red. Anyway, if Jamaican rum is red, I guess it is that specific shade of red. One time when I was working at McDonald’s, I complimented an assistant manager on her nail color. She proudly said, “I call it Whore Red!” Not sure Loreal or Bonne Bell markets that particular shade, but ya never know.

I was talking to my associate on Friday, and when I lifted up my right arm, it felt a bit itchy, so I scratched it. I looked at my arm and saw a little bite on it. Eh, damned mosquitos. Well this shot was taken later in the day on Saturday, and it looks a little red. Perhaps a spider bite? Stupid bugs. So defensive.

Finally, here’s a photo of some incense cones I bought awhile back that smell really good. The scent? Dragons Blood. Yeah. It sounds like an ingredient for a witch’s potion, doesn’t it? I don’t know where one gets dragon’s blood and then makes it into a scent. Like the guy in “Constantine” says when giving Constantine some dragon’s breath for a weapon, “Well, I know a guy who knows a guy…”

Anyway so that’s that for the one-year anniversary of Saturday Scavenger Shots! Here’s to many more!!



  1. Jamaican Rum = Red b/c Hurricaines = Red! That’s my story, anyway.

    Okay, it looks like a shriveled penis in the Dragon’s Blood. Is there a connection?

    I hope your arm’s bite doesn’t develop into anything further!

  2. T-Bird: Thank you! I’d like to find a little red dress for the next Christmas party. Had problems last year finding one I liked. But I’ll see what I can find!

    BabyBull: Aw, thanks! :)

    Cricket: Hm…well I didn’t notice the shriveled penis in the photo before, but thanks for tainting my point of view. Hehe. And thanks, I hope the bite doesn’t get any worse either.

  3. Very good photos of the color red. I hate mosquito bites, but I seem to be a magnet for them. What does the shriveled pen…uhhh…dragons blood incense smell like?

    By the way, who are ya taggin’?

  4. Yay for red! The bug bite made me chuckle… so long as it actually IS a bug bite and not a SPIDER bite ala El Fid! If it turns black and starts pussing, seek medical attention right away! :P

  5. What great red photos! I love your little Winnie the Pooh in his tiny red chair. And you can definitely pull off red…and be a model!
    You have a wide variety of red in your life. It probably keeps you powerful :-)

  6. AlienCG: No problem, I should’ve posted my choice with my photos.

    Churlita: Thank you! I’ve seen your red dress pics, red is your color too!

    Ksra: I started thinking about El Fid’s spider bite when mine turned all red. It’s not gross and pussy, but it was a little black-n-blue today. Now it looks like an irritated mosquito bite. A fellow hypochondriac told me not to look online at spider bites. Too late, but it was nice of her to think of my neurosis, first. ;)

    Laura B: I should’ve taken a photo of my red tea kettle! It was a house warming gift from my former sister-in-law, and I just love it to bits.

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