Irritation is….The Wrap-Up….Already?

“Irritation is when people nag you on your shyness (if you have it).

“Irritation is when your jeans are too tight on you, and they pop open in school.”

I was attached to certain jeans, so a habit of mine at the time was to wear them till I couldn’t wear them anymore. The zipper popping open was a sign it was time to move on. Another pair of jeans I loved to death were ruined when I jumped off a swing at Cove Park and landed slightly Olympian but heard a rip in my jeans. Thankfully it was fabric that tore at the knee, not my muscles. But torn jeans were cool at the time.

“The End”

That is the last of those books, although I do have illustrated scenarios from when I had amusing visualizations. I still do. Like when my manager would call us in for the umpteenth million meeting to repeat the same stuff. I visualized walking across the table and smashing the window on the first floor just to escape the boredom. Anyway, I might post those too. I’ve been inspired my all of you to write and illustrate modern-day versions of some of the “Happiness is” and/or “Angriness is” series. I was working on a “Frustration is” book last night but depressed myself because I tried to dedicate one page to the victims of Hurricane Ike. So I made a drawing of me in a boat with my cat, looking at a house that seems to be mine which is under water. I meant to say, “Frustration is not being able to go home.” But like I said, it depressed the hell out of me and kind of sucked my artistic energy. So instead, today, I made a modern “Happiness is” starter list so I can start drawing. Stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “Irritation is….The Wrap-Up….Already?

  1. I think it is great that work from your past has inspired you to write and draw more.

    I can see where choosing some of the ” _______ is” ideas could get a bit depressing. It is more pleasant to be reminded of things to feel happy about or thankful for. But I know that a lot of us would recognize our frustrations in yours :-)

  2. BabyBull: Thank you! I will see what others I can find, too!

    Laura B: I think I need to keep the “Angriness is” or “Frustration is” on a lighter level. It is possible. But yes, it’s much easier to draw Happiness isms.

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