Oh I’m in Heaven.

I went grocery shopping today to buy some ingredients for the pizza I’m making for our school director’s farewell potluck tomorrow. Across the parking lot from the store was a part of another strip mall that had a temporary banner on it. Couldn’t make out what it read from where I was standing, but I was 98.9% sure what it read. Once I was done shopping, I drove across to read the sign and sure enough it read “Halloween Superstore”. Yay!! A whole store dedicated to the Halloween fanatics out there like myself. They’ve had that shop up before, but this time it had more stuff. Like a life sized Jason statue that was motion activated. So that if you walked past him, the creepy music to “Friday the 13” would start, complete with the “Chh chh chh ah ah ah”. You know…maybe it’s better off that I don’t have my own front yard. I would spend my whole paycheck on that stuff if I did.

Anyway, the main visit for today was to check out the store to see what they had on hand. I spotted one costume and took note of it in my head. Now the more I think about it, the more I’m sure I’ll buy the thing. I can’t tell you what it is, though. You’ll have to see.

Then after I left the place in visual bliss, I looked across the street and found out that a store that sells party supplies was back! Awhile ago I drove past it and it looked like they had a fire. Well, apparently they’ve recovered! So I drove across the street and went into that store. In the very back of the store was a special section for adult costumes. Some were too adult. Almost like Spencer’s opened up a costume shop. A few times while looking curiously at a costume, I said “Eww!” out loud. Don’t care who heard me. There was a costume I considered in that shop, too. I could be Daphne from the cartoon “Scooby Doo”. The costume comes with the orange wig, the purple dress, scarf and pink boot covers. Maybe another time.

It was awesome though. Just going into those shops to look around was fun.

Earlier today I picked up the smell of caramel-covered apples. Don’t know where from, it’s not like our office has an orchard out back or anthing. But the faint smell made me want to buy a caramel-covered apple. That’s what I did. Technically, I’m eating fruit, people. So there will be no tisking me about the diet I’m on.  Like the Jello commercial says, “a diet needs a little wiggle room”.

11 thoughts on “Oh I’m in Heaven.

  1. I thought caramel was a food group. I am so not ready for summer to be over with, but I guess it can’t last forever in Cleveland. I’m still looking for the original style Michael Myers mask (Halloween 1 and 2).

  2. Once you start seeing signs for Halloween then you know that summer is over and another season is upon us.. amazing that these stores just pop up overnight.. all for one day of the year.. But I guess it’s like that for just about every one day holiday.. hope you picked out a great costume and will be sharing pics of it..

  3. Evil-e: That’s right! Thanksgiving stuff is already out, and I’m sure there are some places with Christmas stuff. It’s juts a matter of time.

    AlienCG: I’m ready for Fall, but I’m not ready for winter. The fact that it gets dark earlier is kinda sad.

    Babybull: Yup, most holidays are really only one or two days, but the way they stretch it out makes it feel like Christmas starts in October.

    K_sra: Thank you, Cleveland, for helping me regress and wear costumes! :) Cleveland’s always there for us.

    Eroswings: I might have to stop during lunch to get the costume I found yesterday. Also, I like your way of thinking about the caramel apples. Raisinetts are fruit too. So are chocolate covered cherries.

    Churlita: You bet I will!

    Suze: It’s an awesome holiday, fo’ sure!

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