Wigs – Collection of Four

So I was in Walmart the other day and decided to wander into the Halloween aisle. There were wigs for sale. An impulse came over me, so I bought three of them; a long blond wig, a short black one and a medium length turquoise blue. I’m glad I had that little impulse.

Here is the aftermath:

Black Wig…

Blond Wig

Turquoise Wig

Me without any wigs and with my hair pulled back to facilitate any wig wearing shenanigans.

Skittles is obviously concerned for my well-being.

The fourth wig was purchased several months ago, but I posted that one already. It is a red wig with silver strands in it. Now I have a growing collection of wigs, purely for my amusement. And if you’re amused, that’s even better!


17 thoughts on “Wigs – Collection of Four

  1. I luv the turquoise wig! Very Lil Kim! The cat is obviously jealous of your fashion style and pizazz, but never fear, my blog friend <a href=”http://whitewingeddove.blogspot.com/2008/08/greatest-thing-thats-ever-existed-in.html”SNICKS has a post just for Skittles! You definitely are going to have fun come Halloween!

  2. With the blond wig, you could easily be any 1980’s glam rocker. With the blue wig, you could be a sci-fi character. I agree with Evil-E on the Ramones band member with the black wig.

  3. Evil-e: I’ll see what I can do to accessorize!

    Eroswings: Thanks for that link, I have seen those cat wigs before. My cat and I could be Halloween wig twins! Lol.

    T-Bird: Thanks! My mom found that chair at an antique store nearby. Once she decided she was going to things around in her place, she offered the chair to me. It is one of Skittles’s favorite chairs.

    AlienCG: With the blue wig I could be a snowflake or something. Or a blue nymph. I was looking for fairy costumes yesterday but changed my mind.

    Babybull: Thank you! I don’t think I’m going with any of them, but they’re always fun to have around just in case I decide to change my costume or there’s some other kind of wacky occasion.

    Churlita: You should! The wigs in the costume stores are more expensive, they started from 7 dollars and went all the way up to 24! Walmart had them for five bucks.

    Clearthinker: Thank you! I never thought of the Pulp Fiction character, but yeah! I could be Mrs. Mia Wallace.

    Laura B. : Skittles does look a little worried, doesn’t she? :)

    Suze: Ha! That would show them. They’re all about dressing in white tops, black bottoms. I could do that at the concert but wear the turquoise wig. Muah ha ha.

    Nicotine: Thanks, I love the blue one too! I saw a purple wig the other day, but it was way too expensive.

    K_sra: Why thank you!

  4. Hi. We definitely don’t know each other but I was Googling “cats with wigs” and somehow I landed on this page. Anyway, just wanted to say those are some pretty cool wigs and you totally look like Winona Ryder! Awesome!

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