Anxiety is….Page 9

“And last but not least, waiting for Santa Claus.”

The torture of trying to sleep on Christmas Eve…Oye. Nuff said. :) That was the end of that particular book. I found another one called “Irritation Is”. A smaller book with some things that made me irritable back in the day and, well, probably now too. Want me to post that one too? Or if you want me to start a new book of illustrations about something else, suggestions are greatly appreciated!


10 thoughts on “Anxiety is….Page 9

  1. Tara, I think your younger self was onto something. These books are awesome! Please finish them, but then I personally vote for “mature” versions of this idea. ie, Post these books as you see the world now. I have a feeling your “irritation is” book is adorable from kid Tara and will be hilarious from adult Tara. : )

    Can’t wait till you get a publisher!

  2. Churlita: I think I started having suspicions about Santa when I was five or six. My parents never went to bed at the same time on Christmas Eve. They might’ve been elves.

    K_sra: Thank you! :) I think I will make modern-day versions of those books! But first, like you said, I will finish the ones I’ve already written and illustrated.

    Cricket: Aw thank you! :) It’s like finding an old diary.

    Babybull: It’s a small book, maybe five or six pages, and there are a few repeats from “Angriness is (part 2)” but also some different stuff.

    AlienCG: I will! Thank you! Yeah, I don’t think “severed Santa leg” was on my Christmas wish list. :)

    Laura B.: The adult oriented one will be fun to make too.

    Manuel: Now that I’m older, I tend to sleep in on Christmas morning, but falling asleep on the eve is a different story. Still can’t do it.

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