Anxiety is….Page 8

“Waiting to unwrap presents.”

This was still Christmas Eve, but after church service and after I was able to get out of floofy church clothes and into sleepwear and slippers. The adults would settle down too and start chit chatting while the presents were ripped open after months of careful buying and wrapping. Always made me wonder why we took the time to wrap presents. Not that I would stop, though. I love wrapping gifts! My oldest brother used to save money on wrapping paper and just used the comics section of the newspaper. Anyway, nobody could tear into those presents until everyone was settled with a drink and/or snack. Then someone would pass the presents out to the intended recipient.


10 thoughts on “Anxiety is….Page 8

  1. yes waiting to open your gifts is an exciting moment.. we would always open on Christmas morning after a huge breakfast.. the anxiety of waiting was sometimes unbearable..

  2. I have found that as I have gotten older that I also enjoy giving a gift and watching the person unwrap it in anticipation of the response…

    Gifts are getting predictable for me these days, but I still like getting them

  3. As a kid, aah who am I kidding – even now, the hardest part is waiting for Christmas morning to get here. We didn’t open the presents until Christmas morning and there was little to no sleep the night before!

  4. AlienCG: Very true!

    Babybull: Yeesh, I wouldn’t be able to eat much of that big breakfast before the unveiling of the gifts!

    Churlita: To this day, isn’t it nice to know that UPS has a package for us?

    Clearthinker: Oh god…My dad never had one of those, but he did have a regular camera. He was the king of candid shots.

    Tim: It’s painful and torturous! Taught us restraint, though, I guess.

    Eroswings: Now I enjoy that as a receiver and a giver. I love it when my family likes their gifts!

    Laura B.: Never thought of it that way, but you’re right! Prolong the moment for just a little longer.

    Evil-e: I like that too now. Especially my mom and my nephews, because I can see the enthusiasm. It gets frustrating to try and think of an unusual but useful gift for them year after year, but sometimes it just appears.

    Suze: I love hearing about different Christmas traditions. I had a hard enough time sleeping when I had already unwrapped gifts, I can’t imagine the amount of anxiety if we had left all the gifts till Christmas morning!

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