Saturday Scavenger Shots: “Hairy”

Ms. Babybull was the chooser of the word this week, and picked the word “hairy”. I’m finally able to post my shots, so here they are!

First shot is of a map. Things can get pretty hairy when you’re driving back from a place you haven’t been to in awhile and construction stops you from going the course you’re used to taking. Detour becomes a blasphemous word. But alas, after the cursing and the panicking, one says a prayer, takes a deep breath and adapts by actually reading the map she printed out.

One of the huge coffee cups I own. Of course it reads “Cat Hair: Don’t Leave Home Without It”. So true, so true. Which leads me to the next and final photo:

Yup, black pants or skirts are magnets for cat hair. This is a photo of my lint roller catching any bits of cat hair from my black slacks. Hairy slacks happen when I’m wearing black and I kneel down to pet Skittles before I go off to work. That’s when that lint roller is helpful.

So that’s it! And it appears I have been tagged for the next word! I didn’t do much hesitating on the matter. The new word is another color: “RED”. Yes, RED. So…good luck! Have fun!


14 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Shots: “Hairy”

  1. All very fine examples of HAIRY things. I totally agree with the trip getting hairy when there detours (going through Detroit, Michigan). Good choice of word for next week and the one year anniversary.

  2. very hairy and good use of the word indeed….I liked the road map idea.

    Red is the word, I will make the necessary changes. You have just picked the 52nd word in this weekly activity…another anniversary.

  3. The map and getting lost was a nice interpretation. I can relate to the cat hair problem, only it’s not limited to cats. Animals luv me, especially the hairy, shedding ones. I walked in at a friend’s party once, when a few of the guests squealed in excitement about my angora sweater. I had to tell them it wasn’t angora; it was just hair from a dog that ran up to me in the parking lot. I couldn’t resist bending down to pet it. Luckily, my friend hat a lint roller.

  4. Dmarks: That’s good that you avoid black skirts. :)

    AlienCG: Ugh, hate detours. I can almost see those signs miles and miles away. And thank you, I forgot it will be a blog feature anniversary next week!

    Suze: Thanks! I bought it at JoAnne Fabrics. And yes, leaving a comment in cyberspace can get hairy.

    Evil-e: Thanks! Wow, never realized I had picked the anniversary word! Red will be festive for the occasion. “A festivus for the rest of us.” :)

    Churlita: I can only take maps from Yahoo or Mapquest. I can’t take the maps that you buy as a book.

    Cricket: Yes, I am a commie…Got a problem with that? ;) Cat hair defines my grooming habits, too.

    Red – what are you? a commie or something?
    Elaine:”He’s very well read.”
    George: “Or maybe he’s just very well….red!”
    Seinfeld follows me everywhere.

    Eroswings: Ha, that’s funny about the “angora” sweater. It’s actually a shed sweater.

    Laura B.: Smokin! :) Thanks, I like that mug too.

  5. Babybull: Thanks, that mug holds a lot of coffee, too. And thank you for the tag, I mentioned the new word on this post in the last paragraph. Red is the keyword. :)

    NoRegrets: Yeah, cat hair…It’s everywhere, right?

    Ksra: Ha! Thank you! Clevah! :)

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