Anxiety is….(Page 6)

“Waiting for a package in the mail.”

Okay, I drew things a little disproportionately. We never had a UPS guy who was taller than our front door, and they couldn’t usually pull their truck up right to the house. This is another fresh drawing that was created the other day. Pretty dang fun! But yes, still love hearing that I’ve got a package waiting to be picked up. I ordered something the other day, in fact, and it should be arriving soon.


8 thoughts on “Anxiety is….(Page 6)

  1. K_sra: A gift from ourselves to ourselves. I’ve read from a few sources that we should treat ourselves every now and then.

    AlienCG: It is a nice moment, for sure.

    Eroswings: Oh loved getting the surprise packages! My brothers would sometimes get the gifts out late if they lived in another state. So when their package arrived even after Christmas, it was like a second holiday. Awesome.

    Evil-e: My mom just got a bunch of things from She was very happy – new bedding. I can’t wait till the thing I ordered gets here!

    Babybull: I don’t know when mine is getting here either, I just know that it was recently shipped out, so it should be on its way! Yay!

    Churlita: Very cool, I hope all is fixed and working like new without anymore difficulties!

    Laura B.: Definitely!

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