Sorry Target, but Um…Screw You.

– It seems like it has been awhile since I posted about what’s been going on. The other day I was so fed up and tired from work that I let my scheduled postings do the work for me. Once I found out how I could schedule my postings the right way. I had so many thoughts and worries flying at me late last week and early this week that, if I had telekinesis like Stephen King’s “Carrie”, my mind would’ve slammed all the doors and everyone’s heads would’ve spontaneously combusted. For the first time in quite awhile, I dreaded coming into work. The thought of it almost made me cry. Now, though, since a few things are being resolved, the pressure on the tea kettle has been released. I am back to being one with the earth. Or some crap like that.

– Read somewhere that eating foods high in fiber will (don’t worry, I’m not going there) make the stomach feel full. Therefore, you’re less likely to hit the vending machines. The trick is to eat healthy foods high in fiber. So lately I’ve been snacking on rabbit food. Broccoli, I found out, is only tolerable when it’s steamed and/or covered in some kind of cheese. Or just dipped in Ranch dressing. Without that stuff, though, eating it raw makes me think I’m eating from a dumpster. It stinks. Sorry, broccoli.

– I think I need to email a complaint to the people at Target. Or at least the Target in my city. I know that they’re supposed to sell some good stuff, and I have seen some cool things. But my local Target smells like a stale cigarette ashtray. It’s hard to shop there with that stench. There’s no reason for it to smell like that. Honestly, it’s not worth the trip. Walmart smells nicer! I walk in and, because of the Subway restaurant they’ve got in there, I smell freshly baked bread! How cool is that? Also, Walmart has a better selection of clothing. Screw Target.

– Bought a new slipcover for my couch. Wow, what a difference! The slipcover is an olive green, and it’s part spandex. Took me maybe fifteen minutes to put it on the couch and now my couch looks brand new. I love it. Before I found that kind of cover, I was going to buy a new couch. Don’t need to! It looks so grown-up! Then I bought some olive and goldish pillows to go with it. Love those too. My cat hopped up on the couch after all was said and done. She even took a nap on it the other day. If she approves, all is right with the world.

– I’m taking some vacation days during the last full week of September because my brother and his family are coming in from Texas! Yay! Anyway, I’ll get to see my 1-year-old nephew for the first time! I’ve seen pictures, but….well you know…not quite the same.

And I think that about wraps it up for what’s been going on over here. I’m going to bed now.


12 thoughts on “Sorry Target, but Um…Screw You.

  1. Broccoli stinks…this is a very true statement. It always reminds me of smelly feet.

    I have been shopping Kohls of late. I did very well there the other night. I usually do not walk into WalMarts…never liked that store. Target out in Mayfield is very nice…take the 25 minute trip.

    Have fun with the family and the days off. Sounds like you could use some tie away from work since it is eating you up of late.

  2. I’m glad to hear you’ve let off some steam about work frustrations. I can relate. It’s all very difficult with the changes going on at work. But I know you’ll deal with the madness and overcome the challenges. Take care of yourself first. Then the world next :)

    I can also relate about broccoli! I luv it steamed, with cheese, or covered in some sauce! I especially love it stir fried!

    The smell thing at Target sucks; I feel the same way about dept store perfume aisles. In fact, I avoid some dept stores for the very fact that the perfume aisle (or as I refer to them, gas chambers) are right at the entrance.

    Glad to see your decorating ideas are flourishing and cat approved. Even better, that’s great to know your family is visiting! It should make for a great Sept! Don’t worry; I’m sure they’ll be fine with Ike. Texas is pretty hurricane prepared.

  3. I love broccoli is any state.
    I haven’t been into to Target in a while.
    The new slipcover: Tara tested, Skittles approved.
    After reading the first paragraph, you definitely need those days off.

  4. We are broccoliholics in this house.. too bad it get wasted .. we forget we have it..
    We don’t have Target here.. But I have been to one and thought it was okay.. we do have walmarts and the supercentres..All big stores like that have their own smell.. some good and some not so good..I wonder if I should get a slipcover for my couch? Glad to hear you were able to vent your frustrations..sounds like you could use a nice break..

  5. Ewwww raw broccoli is down right gross! In regards to Target and Walmart, I have the opposite here. Where Target is very clean (for the most part) and organized and has friendly staff while Walmart (less than a mile away) is pure ghetto. I enjoy both stores but the Walmarts in my area aren’t so good. They do have the SUBWAY in there, but I’ve never been able to smell the fresh baked bread because of the interesting crowds that lurk in there, that smell of alcohol, sweat and all that good stuff ((gags)). I’m sorry to hear your Target is stinky! That’s cool you got a new slipcover for your couch!!! Sounds very nice! I was thinking of purchasing one myself because I think I am allergic to my furniture. Yeah, I know that sounds very strange but all these micro-suede/fiber materials make my face scratchy and hard to breathe. I threw a blanket of mine on my recliner which helped my breathing. Do these covers come in one size? I have no clue if one would fit my couch because of the size of the attached looking back pillows that are on each one – if that makes sense.

    And VERY NICE to hear you’re taking some time off of work!!! W@@ HOO :o) a break is always a GREAT thing!

  6. I registered at target… never again. :(

    they do suck, but i’m not a fan of wal-mart either. fresh bread not withstanding. :P

    Also, SLIP COVERS = AWESOME! (100% cat approved)

    hope vaca is a blast for you and the Texans!

  7. Evil-e: Kohls is a nice store, I shopped for Christmas presents there once and really had fun. And thanks I know I’ll appreciate those days off.

    Eroswings: If you took a whiff of the scent in Target, I think you’d welcome the overpowering perfumy stench of the department stores. :) But I do know what you mean, the perfume aisle can give you a headache!

    I am a little concerned about my brother, but they drove from Houston to Austin to stay with in-laws till Ike passes. But thank you.

    AlienCG: Thanks, yeah I do. I mean I’d survive if they said “Stop, you can’t take those days off afterall!” but I’d be sad if they did.

    Babybull: I recommend getting a stretchable slip cover, that’s the one I got. It was way too easy to put on. Plus it’s machine washable.

    Renee: Ick, I don’t need to smell sweat -n-booze when I’m shopping. It was bad enough when I detected someone’s body odor at the grocery store. Blergh! You totally need to get a slipcover, it’s much more cost effective than getting an entirely new couch. They come in different sizes. The two choices I saw were loveseat (two seater) or sofa (three seater). Then you can buy some hypoallergenic pillows to go with it! I had to get those too for my bed.

    Churlita: Thanks! Yes, it looks that way!

    Cricket: That bread smell can be bad when I’m in Walmart trying to buy one thing, though. If that smell hits me, my stomach tells me I need to buy a sandwich.

    Clearthinker: It smells like everything was made from old cigarettes.

    K_sra: I’m glad I bought your wedding shower gift at William-Sonoma rather than Target. I feared I’d get second-hand smoke damage.
    Thank you, I do intend to have a blast with the family on my days off. I’ll try to capture some of the fun on camera. :)

    Silverneurotic: Come to think of it, there is a Starbucks set up at the Target near me. I get the scent of coffee only briefly, though, before my senses are assaulted by the Target smell. If my Walmart had a McDonalds connected, I would never be able to lose weight. That smell would hit me and I’d be entranced.

    Laura B.: I will take a picture of my new slipcover! It must be done.

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