Anxiety is….(Page 5)

“Waiting for the results of a test or quiz that you’re pretty sure you got an ‘A’ on.”

This happened when I was 100% certain on almost every answer on a test. I think it was back when I actually studied.


11 thoughts on “Anxiety is….(Page 5)

  1. I always needed to be sure that it was an A. I was that destested curve-breaker – so the degree of A was very important also. It was less fun when the rest of the class knew it was me that busted up the curve.

  2. Churlita: Seeing is believing. :)

    AlienCG: I was grateful for that in my college years, especially in geology class.

    Laura B.: Oh yeah! A big presentation with trumpets and balloons and writing all over the chalkboard!

    Renee: The waiting was torturous. Even worse when I had no clue about how I did, but had a hunch it wasn’t gonna be pretty.

    Tim: Yeah! Getting a nice score on a math test was like winning the lottery for me.

    NoRegrets: Thank you! :)

    Babybull: Another hard thing to wait for was the report card!

    Eroswings: Oh yeah, you’ve gotta love the revenge grade! ;)

    Evil-e: It’s good to be prepared, better to be prepared that you did well!

    Abroad: I never quite understood the whole thing about “the curve”:

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