Anxiety is….Page 4

“Waiting for your concert to start.”

Again, this still applies. Just re-registered for the community chorus last night. Love the feeling that the songs we didn’t know at first get slowly pieced together and formed into a favorite song. Love the feeling of dress rehearsal – one of the last times we’ll be together to get those few tricky songs right. Then the moments before the concert. When I wish we could just do it already and show the audience what we’ve got. It’s an amazing, happy, exciting feeling. I know we’ve got it in us, our director knows too.


11 thoughts on “Anxiety is….Page 4

  1. Oh, wow, you are right, that is a great moment. I love the moment before performing so much that I have dreams in which I am put before a hostile audience completely unprepared and it is my job to entertain them. Not everyone’s idea of a good dream…

    is this a new drawering?

  2. That’s exciting when you put on a show you’ve spent a lot of time preparing for. I remember choir; it can be fun, but I also remember the drama and jealousy amongst the soloists and the vocal calisthenics to out do each other! The only thing better than an appreciate audience is knowing y’all did a great job! It’s a great feeling! Glad to see you’re still going to enjoy your choir experience.

  3. Churlita: I don’t like it either, but for some reason when we’re singing up there, it doesn’t bother me. Maybe it’s because I’m with a bunch of people rather than all by myself.

    Laura B: Right, yes, if we’re prepared. Otherwise, deer in headlights! :)

    K_sra: Yup, it’s a new drawring, I drawed it last night with mah pens.

    Eroswings: Oh yeah, there was a bit of drama in school choir, that’s for sure. I just was happy I stayed out of most of it.

    AlienCG: It is a cool experience. As I told Churlita, I think it would be different though if I were up there singing by myself.

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