Anxiety is….Page 3

“Waiting for the next day off of school.”

….or of work, right? Can I get an amen? I have our official days off of work marked on my office calendar with a big star so I know. Sometimes during either challenging days or completely rotten days, that’s one of the things we can hang onto. Hell even good days at work can be made better by glancing at the calendar to find out we’ve got a holiday coming!


9 thoughts on “Anxiety is….Page 3

  1. We don’t get Columbus day, either. I have some vacation days coming in late September but yeah that’s about it till Turkey Day! I consider Halloween a day off for some reason, though. Probably because we get to dress up and act like idiots.

  2. Hear, hear! The first semester was always my fave semester, with so many holidays! I totally agree with you about Halloween; it may not be a day off, but it’s a great day to have fun! The same goes for Columbus Day and the Autumn Equinox!

  3. The one thing about work is that you can schedule days off or call in if you want one. School, for most of us, required a major effort and getting the parents involved and was almost too much trouble to take that extra day. Plus you risked getting in trouble at school if you did something against the rules to get a day off.

  4. I like taking days off from work. I’ve done it quite a bit including a four day holiday weekend. It was tough taking a day off from school, but I was able to do it thanks to Mom.

    I was afraid you forgot about posting this.

  5. Eroswings: Glad to see another Halloween fan! :)

    Evil-e: Oh yeah, usually we had to actually be sick for our parents to decide to call it in. Anything else required tons of acting.

    AlienCG: As adults we have the freedom to call in “sick” without having our parents call it in.

    Nope, didn’t forget, I was just wiped out the other day and didn’t feel like posting anything.

    T-Bird: Till your next holiday? Woo hoo! Enjoy!!

    Babybull: It is good stuff! November and December around here are pretty nice, since we have two days off for Thanksgiving and then the month of December is pretty shot because everyone is taking this day off or that day off.

    Churlita: That’s a good idea!

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