Saturday Scavenger Shots: “One”

Ms. Ksra of “You Learn Something New (Almost) Everyday” is a new contributor to Saturday Scavenger Shots, and the word she chose was “One”! Sorry for my deeeelay, but here’s my photo:

I know what you’re thinking, that Gerard Butler must’ve given this rose to me. People think that all the time, it’s okay. But no, this time it wasn’t from him. Each time we have a graduation for our students, we give them each one rose after they’ve received their diplomas and descended the stage. Then they’re supposed to take that rose and give it to someone in the audience who has made a difference in their lives. The piano player usually plays “Unforgettable”. The first time I took part in the ceremony, I got pretty teary-eyed seeing these students hug their grandmas, parents or sometimes their teachers. It’s a touching scene.

But that didn’t happen to me. Heh…The graduation planner orders extra roses, so we take a few home. I give one to my mom and I keep one. But sometimes I forget about mine and it wilts before I can put it in a vase. This time, although it is starting to wilt, it is now in water. So there ya have it.


14 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Shots: “One”

  1. AlienCG: My mom has hers in a little vase. I was able to give her two this time, and they look so pretty.

    Silver: I love the bits of Babys Breath stuck in there too. Can’t leave the rose in view of my cat, though, she likes to nibble on that stuff.

    Evil-E: Thank you! It is a really nice tradition, and I enjoy handing the rose to each grad!

    Cricket: Yeah, once I got home from work I had to catch my second wind and start thinking of things to post. Then I was doing other stuff first before I could hop online. Now I can focus more on what all of you posted!

  2. Very nice, Tara. Thank you for sharing your almost wilty rose with us. : )

    I finally posted my picture, too. I have GOT to figure out how to post stuff up on Saturday! This doesn’t look good on my record.

  3. Babybull: Thank you! It’s a great part of the whole grad ceremony.

    Laura B: I like the single rose idea too.

    Suze: Alright, you caught me. Gerard did give that rose to me. ;)

    Churlita: Thank you!

    k_sra: You need to convert to WordPress so that you can post a week’s worth of stuff and have it pop up all on time without your ever having to lift another finger!

    Renee: You should get acquainted with Gerard’s work, Renee. He’s lovely. :) I’d love to bump into him on the street, but that’s not possible in Ohio.

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