Anxiety is….Page 2

“Hoping to find out what happens on your favorite soap opera.”

This is the first page I had to draw in so that I could post it today. So it’s a book I wrote a long time ago, but I drew it yesterday and made it a bit modern. However, I do NOT watch soap operas anymore. One afternoon when I was home from school (can’t remember why – sick day or official day off), I sat down to watch some TV. “Young & the Restless” was on. My mom doesn’t watch soap operas either, but she was making a hooked rug and didn’t want to stop to change the channel. We didn’t have a remote. So the two of us just sat there and watched the whole episode. Then of course we had to watch what happened on the next episode, and before we knew it, we were addicted. Eventually, when I realized that the same stupid stories circulated and almost every character annoyed the hell out of both of us, we were able to stop watching it. Even to this day, if I’m in line at the store, I’ll see the same stupid characters on the cover of the Soap Opera magazines. No thank you.

Wait, this kind of turned into an “Angriness is” post. Sorry about that! The point is, that when I was addicted to the soap operas, it made me happy to find out who was sleeping with who’s husband and whether so-and-so will be caught shop lifting.


9 thoughts on “Anxiety is….Page 2

  1. Ah, I remember “All My Children” so well and “General Hospital” and all those wonderful soap operas. I used to watch on my days off from school when nobody was around. I love the name of your soap opera. Great drawing.

  2. Hi, my name is Laura B. and I’m a recoving Soap Operaholic. During college I was all about General Hospital. I gave it up when I had my first son, because there was just no time. Another plus to having kids! haha!

  3. I am glad you explained that the drawing was new. I was about to compliment your former self on such mature wit, but I see now your maturity is now-ity. I recall you being very funny in high school, too, come to think of it. : )

    And the cat is VERY curious to know if Blaze will propose to Phoenix!

    i and all my sibs were home sick one day from school watching soaps. we faked ill for like a week because we were so suckered in. Amazing.

  4. Young And The Restless is basically all I ever get to watch these days.. I find solitude in my room and watch almost the whole episode.. I’ve been watching on and off for over 25 yrs now.. yeah I was pretty young when I got hooked..My name is babybull and I’m a soap

  5. It appears you’re having a Nescafe moment! Luv the illustration! I suppose the closest I ever came to being fascinated by a soap was that Passions, when they had angels, witches, demons, living dolls, and magic; I was like, what the heck? It was just too ridiculous, but funny because they still had the dramatic overacting and adultery/murder/betrayal/die-and-revived aspects of the other soaps! It was an enjoyable waste of two weeks of my life.

    My mother and sisters, on the other hand, were fanatics about Days of our Lives and Dynasty…luved the fight scenes in Dyansty; I thought, man, so that’s what rich people do all day, wear flashy big shouldered clothes and smack each other every chance they get!

  6. AlienCG: I just remember occasionally hearing the theme song to “Days of Our Lives” and that guy talking about the sands in the hourglass. Then of course the theme song to “Young and the Restless” used to get in my head too.

    Laura B.: Welcome, Laura! Glad you could join us for this session. We’re all here to help each other. ;)

    Dmarks: Never got into the night time ones. Now if I see a soap opera on, I quickly change the channel. No more, no more.

    K_sra: Aww, thanks! :) How did you all get away with faking ill for a week? I never had that kind of focus, I could fake ill for maybe a day or two.

    Babybull: When I started watching it, the character Cricket (was that her nickname?) had just been raped and I think we kept watching the show to find out if they’d catch the creep.

    Evil-e: Wow, seriously? I never got into “Melrose Place”. I just know that the crazy girl later went on to play Brie Vandecamp on “Desperate Housewives”.

    Eroswings: I was have a Nescafe moment. Nothing like sitting down to watch something on TV while drinking a fresh cup of coffee. That “Passions” sounded interesting, though!

  7. My guilty pleasures when I am at home sick are watching Days of our Lives and the Bold and the Beautiful.

    Nona and I have long discussions about Brooke and what could possibly make her think it’d be a good idea to marry every male in one family.

    I think she’s an alien collected sperm samples for some crazy research into bad fashionistas.

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