Anxiety is….Page 1

“A relative (or anyone) giving you a big, huge, gift-wrapped present.”

Any sized gift, actually. I used to love the look of presents piled under the tree. Secretly hoped they were all for me. Then during Christmas Eve and on Christmas day, someone in our family (usually a brother) would sort out the gifts. They would tease me alot and hold back my gifts until the very last. Now I like to cause the same anxiety for my nephews. Muah ha ha ha!


10 thoughts on “Anxiety is….Page 1

  1. Gotta love those big presents under the tree.. I rememebr that when I was a kid I would be the first one up early and wanting badly to open presents.. it would eventually be awhile before we got to it.. always after a big breakfast and cleaning up.. talk about being anxious.. Excellent post..

  2. You can tell from the picture that it makes you feel like a little kid, because your feet don’t quite touch the ground. You can also tell that as a kid you’re parents gave you mixed drinks or possibly wine. Tsk!

    Also, it was very nice of the wall to get you a gift (or just to inform you of the gift). Now every Christmas I am going to say at least once, “Boy, if these walls could talk!” = )

  3. Babybull: Thank you! I was the first one up too on Christmas morning! Then I was in charge of waking everyone up so that we could all go downstairs together. Couldn’t go downstairs without everyone. Talk about anxious! :) Thankfully, though, we didn’t eat breakfast beforehand. My parents would pour themselves some coffee and then we could tear into the gifts.

    Churlita: Except for big screen TVs. That would look nice all wrapped up, right? :)

    Laura B.: Can’t remember the last big gift I got, but I do remember as a kid walking into a room and finding a pre-assembled dollhouse. There were a few Christmases when Barbie would get a new place to live in, too. I think my parents took full advantage of having a daughter. :)

    K_sra: I took my Kool-Aid shaken, not stirred back then. ;) If walls could talk, they’d have told my mom to stop hammering nails into them a long time ago.

  4. I luv the drawing! You’ve captured the excitement and anticipation brilliantly! At some point in adulthood, I sort of forgot about receiving presents and was so used to giving them instead. I luv spoiling little kids with gifts…esp when they deserve them!

  5. Eroswings: Thank you! :) I love giving out presents now. Still like receiving them, but I like it when I’ve picked out a gift someone’s going to like and watching them unwrap it.

    T-Bird: Oh I can’t sleep the night before Christmas either. Which makes me fall asleep later so now I don’t wake up at 6am on Christmas day as easily as I used to.

    Evil-E: Thanks! You’re right, I did make that box big. Made the chair big too!

    AlienCG: Thank you! I think I snuck halfway down the stairs out of undeniable and unrelenting curiosity and saw some presents. That was a big mistake, I really had problems sleeping after that move.

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