EEEK! Check, Check…One, Two, Three….

Our school’s graduation was earlier this evening. Chaos happens, but it’s expected. But this time, in the midst of it, our graduation planner noticed some empty seats among the crowd while people were still looking for a place to sit. She said, “Go up there and tell people to fill in the empty seats.”

“Huh, what??” I asked ever so tactfully.

“You need to go up there to the microphone and tell people to fill in the seats.”

Nobody I could depend on was around me at the time. Well played, people. Well played. Bastards. So with a grumble cloud over my head which was already a storm of anxious thoughts (not the happy anxiety either), I went up on stage and for the first time, talked into the microphone of the rec center….In front of a crowd of at least 200 if not more. Everyone silenced up. Huh. If I knew how effective that was, I would carry a microphone with me all the time! Come to think of it, I have never had to speak into a microphone in front of oodles of people! I sang karaoke in front of my friend Ksra, two of my brothers, a brother’s girlfriend and my sister-in-law, but that was different.

Anyway, I awkwardly (but I must admit, not too shabbily), told them to fill in the empty seats to make room for others to sit down. I think that’s what I said. It’s all a blur now, I’ll have to ask a nice person at work about how I did up there. Not someone who’ll laugh and say, “Dude, you were so nervous, I could totally tell!”

While off stage later on, I humored myself by thinking about the presentation Bridget Jones gave for the book launch in the movie “Bridget Jones’s Diary”.

Bridget: Oy!! Oyyyyy! Sorry the mics not….not working. Welcome to the launch of “Kafka’s Motorbike”, the greatest book of our time……And here to introduce it is the man we all call…“Titspervert”, “Titspervert”….Fitzherbert, because that…is his name!

Anyway. Chalk that one off as a new year’s resolution for me.


10 thoughts on “EEEK! Check, Check…One, Two, Three….

  1. I remember that line from the movie .. it was pretty funny.. Sounds like you did good.. Don’t worry about it.. it’s done and until the next time, you’ll know what you up against.. since you will have had that experience..wtg for stepping up..

  2. Well done, titspervert, er, Tara. I knew you had it in you. I think introverts make the most compelling speakers anyways, because their nature forces them to be more concise in their presentation style.

  3. AlienCG: Yup, I’m a professional public speaker, now. They can start hiring me out for events.

    T-Bird: I’m not comfortable talking in front of kids or adults, but sometimes it doesn’t seem so bad and I can form coherent sentences.

    Evil-e: I’ll hire Kramer to fill some seats. And yeah you’re right, I should’ve shouted “HELLOOOO CLEVELAND!” or when I was done shout, “THANK YOU CLEVELAND! GOODNIGHT!”

    Babybull: I stopped worrying about it as soon as I got off the stage. Shocked the hell out of my coworkers, though. Hehe.

    Churlita: Thank you! Thinking back, I don’t think I would’ve delegated that little task to anyone else. I would’ve felt so bad.

    Laura B.: Thanks Laura! Yes, next time I’ll know what to say a little better if I wind up being the chosen one. :)

    K_sra: Hey, I never thought of it that way! My brother is an introvert and he speaks in front of crowds all the time at his job. He said he loves it.

  4. I totally agree with what k_sra said–about introverts being great speakers, not titspervert, though I believe the correct term for them is bosom patron.

    That was great you got up there and did a great job when push came to shove! Nice job on the impromptu speech!

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