Anxiety….When It’s Good (and Before Paxil and Xanax)

Just when you thought it was safe to visit my blog again after I finished my “Angriness is” series, I present to you another book that I created in my childhood. It’s called “Anxiety is”, but before you think “Oh man, she’s got issues, first being all angry and now this anxiety crap!” No, this is when anxiety had other meanings. Looking back, though, I should’ve titled it “Excitement is”, because that’s what this book is about. Lots of things that made me excited. This is also a seasonal book, since I made it for Christmas. I’m a little early, but just by three months.

“Anxiety is….”
“From the author of; Happiness Is, and Angriness Is”

I seemed to like different types of punctuation. Plus, I must’ve gotten the page wet at some point. The stenciling was a bit runny.

“This is dedicated to my friends and family.
Merry Christmas
and Happy New Year, everybody!”

All four of my brothers are in that drawing, plus my parents and some other characters. Maybe my friends or perhaps some other relatives.


15 thoughts on “Anxiety….When It’s Good (and Before Paxil and Xanax)

  1. I love the picture…and the little note – By the author of…
    I remember when being anxious meant that you were anxious for something to happen instead of feeling anxious that something is going to happen, if that makes sense.

  2. Tim: Thanks! It is shocking how fast Christmas is approaching. Time to think of shopping…and drinking Starbucks!

    Babybull: Yeah they had to be mentioned. They’re awesome. :)

    Laura B.: It makes perfect sense!

    Churlita: Thank you! I think I wanted to be a comic strip writer for awhile when I was younger and on that drawing kick. What a way to make a living, right? Being paid to draw. But I think it would be hard to get the creative juices flowing if there was pressure to create one each day or each week.

    AlienCG: Good, this one will be interesting since I didn’t finish drawing in the pages. I’ll need to finish the illustrations. Oh darn. It’ll hurt, but I can manage.

    Eroswings: I thought you meant the weather we’re having, and I was wondering how cold you thought it was over here right now. Hehe. We’d be roasting if we all posed for a drawing while wearing jeans and long-sleeved shirts. I learned that, if you have to make a speech or something, you shouldn’t say, “I’m nervous about it”, you should say, “I’m excited about it.” Changes the whole perspective. I need to remember that.

    Evil-E: Right, like “Koombaya” or the Whoville song! Thanks, never thought of that stenciling looking kind of like punk rock! I just liked playing with the stencils.

  3. Everybody looks so jolly happy :)! LOL, if I were to make a cartoon of my family – oh boy – that would be worse than The Adams Family.

    LOL – I like your response to Evil-E with the whole Koombaya thing. LOL!

  4. Ehat happened tothe ‘T’ in anxiety? I think it had to go ‘P’ because it was so anxious. That or it drank a lot of ‘T’, piddled on the cover adn then ran away in embarassment. ‘T’-hee. :)

    I claim at least one of those people on the cover of your book! yes I do. I’m, like, the blonde chick on the end.

  5. Manuel: Thank you! Now I’ll have to be a prolific illustrator again, because the rest of the book doesn’t have drawings yet!

    Renee: Lol…Well we didn’t always smile like that, my brothers drove me nuts. I of course did not drive anyone nuts, I was an angel….Believe any of that? Hehe. >:)

    K_sra: Wow, good catch, I didn’t even notice that! I was so caught up in stenciling that I left out a word. Just went strait for the “Y”. Thanks for the laugh, I read this at lunch time and was almost in tears. Yes, you are the blond chick at the end. It is now a fact.

    Ksra 2: Bwah ha! (trying to sound like the bratty kid on The Simpsons, but not Bart)

  6. Ksra: It does look like that person has arm-pits, doesn’t it? To me it looked like the people around her were getting too familiar. In reality…er…drawing world, I was trying to have everyone put their arms around each others shoulders, but it didn’t quite pan out like that.

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