Miscellaneous Various Assorted Things

– I successfully knocked out four guys this weekend and tonight. They had it coming. Never mind that it was Wii Boxing. My arms hurt now, but that’s good. No pain, no gain as they say. I could feel the burn.

– Last Friday was my manager’s last day. I dreaded the thought that he might come in to hug me. I’ve avoided him hugging me for six years, after several moments of him putting his foot in his mouth, making him sound like the stereotypical character on the sexual harassment videos we were told to watch. He never seemed to watch them. But dang it he came in on his last day and just went for that hug, knowing full well I’m not comfortable with it. Then as if that wasn’t bad enough, he kissed my arm. Yeah. I still shiver at the thought. When my first manager quit, my soon-to-be manager…the one I’m talking about now, kissed her on her hand. She thought it was endearing. I think it’s stupid and awkward. Anyway, I wasn’t the only victim of his weird kissing fit. He also kissed someone else on the shoulder. Certainly a few WTF moments. I had to vent about it to our receptionist who shivered and got goosebumps because she was so freaked out. Luckily, he only shook her hand. He didn’t kiss it. Don’t get me wrong, I may seem uptight, but I do love a good hug from a friend. Just not from a guy who coined the phrase, “Hump the phones.”

– Today we all gathered in a room while the main boss told us that he was leaving as well. Found a better position. Best of luck to him as well. I’ll truly miss this one, though. He was a very cool director. Soft spoken, didn’t micro-manage, just pretty much stayed out of our zone and let us do our work. He was motivational, too. I loved going to his staff meetings. Anyway, after leaving the meeting where he announced his pending resignation, I left feeling all stressed and stuff, so I decided to go to lunch. I thought, “After I come home for the day I am totally going to exercise out my frustrations and play more Wii boxing”. But the closer I got to home for lunch, the more mellowed out I felt. I was actually slap-happy.

– When I got back to work, there was a message on my voice mail from the girl I was scheduled to meet with at 3pm. I wound up getting the giggles over the message. I know the girl, she’s really funny and nice. But she forgot her new phone number. There were a few long pauses on the message and some embarrassed apologies. Made me giddy with laughter. I had a hard time keeping it together when I called her back, too. Told her I have forgotten my actual address before, which was true. It’s usually when I’m under lots of stress, and occasionally I space out. I know where I live, I just can’t remember the order of the address number. So that confession made her feel better. Had to save that message for future giggles, but when I played it back again it wasn’t as funny. Silly, yes, but not giggle-inducing. Go figure. Must’ve been what I had needed at that particular time. :)

11 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Various Assorted Things

  1. 1. Wii Boxing is fun. Good job on the 4 knockouts.
    2. Well, at least it’s done and over with and you don’t have to see former manager again.
    3. I remember when my boss at my previous company left, I knew the Cleveland office was going to close after that.
    4. I don’t forget my address or phone number, I just forget which address to use in which situation.

  2. I haven’t had a chance to play Wii yet.. Sounds like a good way to vent off excess stress or in this case weird hugs from a almost former Boss.. Maybe your new boss will be less inclined to do those same things..

    I think we have experienced things we thought were funny but once you look back on it, it’s not as funny..

  3. Lets be optimistic and assume there will be new and improved bosses in both positions.
    I would so get weird if someone I worked with kissed my arm. I don’t really mind hugging anyone, but the kiss takes it too far.
    OMG, that happens to me so often! Both forgetting what phone number or address I should be giving AND having the fun wear off of something funny disappointingly quickly.

  4. I’m so glad for you that that arm and shoulder kissing freakazoid is gone. How weird!!

    In my personal life I’m a very physically affectionate kind of person, but at work – it’s just weird and wrong. I get the willies if some one even stands too close to me.

    Buh-bye weird boss.

  5. It sucks the head boss is leaving, too. But, it’s an opportunity for something better! The whole kissing thing is kind of strange, but maybe it’s socio-cultural for him.

    I remember one of my jobs was a lowly assistant to another assistant. One day, that assistant couldn’t make a meeting with some Egyptian clients. So, the boss bypassed all other assistants and higher ups and took me with him, because I knew the inventory and what we needed. Anyway, when we met the Egyptians, the leader, this 6ft tall over 250lbs man reached for my boss, shook his hand, then grasped him in a bear hug and kissed him on both cheeks before releasing him. My boss’s ears and back of his neck turned red, and I tried not to burst out laughing–it was hilarious to see the usually cool boss get flustered! But my inner giggles stopped when I realized that I was next to be greeted! Nooooooooo!!!!

  6. AlienCG: Thanks, I was very amused over my four knockouts!

    Evil-E: His kissing is like his hand sandwich handshakes. But I could’ve settled for the handshake rather than the hug and creepy kiss. Blergh.

    Babybull: When I had the original Nintendo game system, I vented my frustrations by playing “Duck Hunt”. This boxing thing is a much better workout.

    K_sra: At the risk of sounding naive, I don’t think it’s as bleak as that. People were quitting when I first started and that was six years ago. The director at the time was worried I’d leave because of it. That pleased me. Muah ha ha.

    Laura B.: Thank you, there is no need to be negative about a few guys leaving the company. Sometimes it just happens. I’m looking forward to new starts for both positions.

    And yeah, the kissing? It’s not necessary.

    Churlita: That was my manager’s style. Inappropriate and weird. But especially inappropriate.

    Suze: I’ll see what I can do. ;)

    Abroad: I’m glad too. There are minor things I’ll miss, but I’m kind of excited about a new manager and what they can bring to the table….The positive things they can bring.

    I have hugged a few people at work, but it’s not a habit of mine. My manager never quite seemed to respect boundaries. Maybe his next job won’t let him get away with that.

    Eroswings: I almost got all weepy today because I was talking to him and I told him we’d miss him. I started missing him already. He is so cool, I hope that they hire his clone. You might be right about the socio-cultural norm for my ex-manager, but he still should consider how other people feel about it.

    That big guy giving me a hug and a kiss on both cheeks would’ve made me red and nervous too. Great story! :)

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