Wrap Up of the “Angriness is….” Book

Thought I’d just put the rest of the book in one post so that I can wrap it all up. Here are the last few pages. I know I had a “The End” page, but like “Angriness is…Part 1”, it is nowhere to be found.

“When you’re having a real good dream and then finding out that it isn’t real.”

“Thinking you can sleep in on Saturday, but you wake up at 8:00.”

This still happens to me. I have every intention to sleep in as much as possible on weekends, but when I open my eyes and look at the clock, it is either 7:30am or 8am. Course technically that is sleeping in, since I have to get up at 6:30 on week days to get ready for work.

“Sleeping in on Saturday, but having your lonely dog bark, and wake you up early.”

Whenever I actually did get to sleep in, when my body was telling me that I needed to get more cozy in my bed and sleep a little longer and deeper, that’s when my dog would bark. It was usually when my mom would leave for the store, so my dog had nothing better to do than to bark her sharp, loud “Somebody entertain me!” bark. It was constant and unrelenting, even if we shouted at her. There might’ve been a brief pause, but then she’d start right back up again.

“Finding out that the wrong person likes you.”

This was the kid who’d bug me in history class. I don’t know what this meant, there must’ve been some kind of rumor that he liked me. If it’s true, he had a very weird way of showing it, that’s fo’ sho’. In the drawing, it looks like he’s got his tongue out, but it might be a toothy smile.

Anyway, that was the last page, or at least the last one that was attached. The End.


12 thoughts on “Wrap Up of the “Angriness is….” Book

  1. Wow, this is an angriness overdose. I notice the first three have a very common theme of sleeping in. That had to be traumatic to think that this harasser might actually like you. Thanks for sharing, now what’s next?

  2. Thanks for sharing these bits and pieces.. I enjoyed them.. I hope it’s a toothy grin.. Cause if he was sticking out his tongue he might have had it washed with some soap..

  3. that is a lot of angst…..

    I actually like waking up at 6 or so on weekends. I can have more day that way and if I want to go back to sleep I can.

    I used to hate when the wrong person liked me…always seemed to work that way.

  4. LOL – I love all of these pictures and ohhhh I can relate with all of these situations. With the whole sleeping thing – that always happens! It will be nice and quiet and BAM – out of no where, one sound becomes a domino effect into a spiral of more sounds. And that does suck, when you’re having a good dream and realizing it’s only a dream. I hate when you’re having a good or at least an interesting dream and then you wake up for whatever reason – but then you try to go back to bed to see if it continues but it doesn’t. And finding out that the wrong person likes you is always a disappointment :(!

  5. AlienCG: Thanks for reading! Up next is “Anxiety is”…but the positive anxiety.

    Babybull: It it was his tongue sticking out, someone should’ve grabbed it with pliers. Thank you, I’m glad you liked this book! :)

    Manuel: I wish I could wake up early on days I need to get up for work. Instead, that’s when I keep sleeping so that when I wake up I have only 15 minutes to get ready. Sheesh.

    Eroswings: That would’ve been nice, but he was not as charming as Hannibal Lecter. ;)

    RM: Ick. Vengeance is yours. Put your vacuum up against the ceiling at 2am next time and turn it on full blast.

    Evil-E: Yup, lots of angst for a girl who had it pretty nice. Aside from the perverts, though, nothing in that book was really horrible by adult standards.

    Churlita: Nope, not just you. I agree. It happens all too often.

    Renee: Thank you, cuz there will be more drawings. Oh yes, there will be more. ;) The dog barking was really the only noise that would wake me up. All the rest of the noises would go away. Even the rumble of the train and the rumble of the occasional, minor earthquakes we’d get. And it seems I can only go back to scary dreams, not ones I want to go back to. Blergh.

    Laura B.: Thank you! Glad I can share my misery with others who have experienced the same problems. ;)

  6. Aw, Bill looks like a shmuck. Just a testimony to your prowess as an artist even in high school.

    I like that you wore black pajamas and said “shucks.” there’s just something so cute about that. : )

    yer awesome per always. looking forward to the good anxiety book! i have good anxiety about seeing it!

  7. Ksra: I usually liked putting evil, narrow eyes on the characters who were supposed to be hated. That’s how I rolled back then. ;)

    Thank you, I’m really glad you all like these, because I enjoyed making them back then. Makes me want to make them now.

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