September 2008!

September will be here tomorrow, so here is the list o’holidays! Thanks to all who provided ideas! There was almost enough to fill up the entire month! Way to go, team!

I listed some other things that I found for September on Taking a break from posting the astrological signs and such. If you are interested in those, however, please feel free to check out the link or last year’s eclectic list of days for September. Enjoy!


Children’s Good Manners Month
Classical Music Month
Coupon Month (National, US)
Ethnic Foods
Marriage Health Month
Self Awareness Month (International)
Self-Improvement Month
Women of Achievement Month

1. FW’s Birthday!
2. Introduce A New Blogger Day
3. EvilAlien Mom and Dad’s 42nd Wedding Anniversary
4. Celebrate Your Favorite Delicatessen Day
5. Guitar Hero and Wii Appreciation Day
6. Eat All Your Veggies Day
7. Miss Punk Rocker Appreciation Day (Her Idea)
8. Evil-E + Renee = Together 1 Full Year!
9. Eat My Shorts Day (Celebrate “The Simpsons”)
10. Top Ten Commenters Day (brag about your top ten if you have some)
11. Remembering September 11th Day
12. Renee Appreciation Day
13. Dead Blog Day – Find a Blog That’s Been Untouched for Two Years or More (Points for Interesting Content)
14. BHM and Babybull’s 1 Year Wedding Anniversary!
15. Wear White After Labor Day Day
16. El Fid’s Birthday!
17. Puppet Recreation Week – Recreate Your Favorite Scene from a Movie or TV Show with Dolls or Puppets or Pets. Post to YouTube.
18. Zombie Appreciation Day
19. Suze’s Birthday!
20. Saturday Scavenger Hunt 1 Year Birthday!
21. End of Summer Appreciation Day
22. Crunching Through Leaves Appreciation Day
23. Smoke Inhalation Awareness Day – For Those of You Burning Leaves in Your Yard
24. Blog Something to Make it Sound Like a Dr. Suess Rhyme (Theodore Geisel Remembrance Day)
25. Leaf Pile-Up Day! -Yay! Jump in Leaves!
26. List Your Hobbies Day
27. Watch Something on TV You’ve Never Seen Before
28. AlienCG is 6 Months Smoke Free!
29. Interpretive Dance Appreciation Day
30. Silverware Appreciation Day


9 thoughts on “September 2008!

  1. How long have you been doing this now? I bet you deserve a holiday in there somewhere.. Great list and it will be an interesting month from the looks of things..

  2. Churlita: I’m thankful that you provide me such great ideas! You rock.

    BabyBull: I think I’ve been doing this calendar thing for about 2 years now. Maybe longer! I actually posted something about it last month. Both about my 3-year blogiversary and the calendar anniversary.

    DMarks: Good, have fun with it! :)

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