Saturday Scavenger Shots: “Blue”

AlienCG of “Swamp Gas & Moonlit Reflections” chose this week’s word to be “Blue”. When I was younger, I really liked the color of pink. Then as the years went on, my favorite color was dark red. Now although I still love red, I’ve realized that shades of blue are appealing to me. Especially turquoise and sky blue shades. I liked those shades so much that I painted my bathroom in a blue color.

Enough of my babbling, here are my photos:

I was going through my apartment looking for stuff to take a photo of, and my Wii Sports disc caught my eye. There it is, in all its blue glory.

So I was cleaning my one and only bathroom today, and I have a bowl of different colored glass sitting on the back of my toilet for decoration. I love the look of that bowl and the glass, but the glass shards on top were looking kind of dusty. So I took the whole bowl, rinsed off the glass and cleaned the bowl out with some hot water and glass cleaner. The water in the bowl turned blue because of it, and it looked kinda cool. It turned into a photo for the word today. I realized later that I caught my embracing ghost friends salt-n-pepper shaker in the background. The pepper ghost’s color is perfect for the word too.

Here is my bowl o’glass all cleaned and sparkly. Conveniently enough, most of the shards of glass are shades of blue. There are white pieces in there which compliments the blue.

Finally, here is a small selection of things in my place that are blue, so I combined them for this shot. There’s my bowl of glass, a jeweled thingy that used to be a candle holder, my Sally Hansen growth activator (with botanical extracts) for finger nails, a travel-size bottle of Febreze, eyeglass lens cleaning solution, my three-step nail file and buffer and finally my blue stapler.

So that’s that!


17 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Shots: “Blue”

  1. What a cheerfully blue grouping of photos. I like a bowl of glass, it’s a really nice matching accessory. I like the salt and pepper shakers, those are cool. Great photos for the word of the week.

  2. I have grown to love blue too. As a kid I was all about the purple…now, not so much :-) I really like all your blue stuff, most especially your little accidentally caught salt and pepper shakers! Too cute!

  3. Babybull: Thanks! I could’ve added more, there are lots of trinkets that are blue in my apartment.

    AlienCG: The more I look around here, the more things I could’ve added. I like my bowl of glass too, thank you. Ksra gave me the salt-n-pepper shakers. They’re my favorites.

    Cricket: Look forward to seeing what you’ve come up with!

    Renee: Thank you! I found both the fish bowl and the glass pieces at the craft store and thought they’d look nice together.

    Laura B: Purple is nice too! Yeah, I love my ghostly salt-n-pepper shaker friends. :)

    Dmarks: I don’t think so, I got that stapler in the stationary department at Wal-Mart. They had other colors too, but I liked that one.

    Greg: Thank you!

    T-Bird: Actually, it’s not a bracelet, it was used to surround a candle…But it would be a nice bracelet! Hmm!

  4. Churlita: Thank you, I’m glad I painted my bathroom in that color. It’s very calm and happy. Love having a red suit or dress for work or for a party.

    Eroswings: Thank you, I liked the contrast of the jeweled thingy against the green box I usually have on that shelf. But you’re right, it’s a great contrast with the glass, too!

    Evil-E: You did too! Thanks!

  5. I love blue and green. Right now I’m on a blue and brown kick – last year I painted our master bathroom a dark cocoa brown and got turquoise and silvery blue accent pieces. I haven’t fallen out of love with it yet. Bathrooms should be blue.

    I really like your bowl with the colored glass.

  6. Abroad: I have a top that’s brown and turquoise, and I love it. Your bathroom design sounds so cool! I haven’t fallen out of love with my bathroom color either. Seems more rewarding to clean it more often.

  7. Ksra: You can’t trust those scheduled posts anymore. I’ve tried them on here recently and they don’t kick in. Best laid plans, and all that jazz. I love your photos, though! Especially the aqua-blue sari!

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