So Technical

– I bought a gift certificate from my manager’s favorite brewery for his farewell gift, and when I was using my card to pay for it, the guy at the counter noticed my last name. Found out that he and one of my brothers are fishing buddies! Small world.

– While waiting for the red light to change the other day, a girl walked up to my side of the car and knocked on the window. She said my tail light is out. Thanked her and moved on. Went to the auto parts store, NAPA. I love the smell of that store. It’s got a mild scent of gasoline and motor oil. Nothing overpowering, though. Anyway, I bought the bulbs. Later that night when I got home, I wanted to get the task done. So I grabbed a flashlight and my handy-dandy cordless drill. After I took out the two screws, I still had to pry the light open to expose the plugs and bulbs. The directions in the book told me to hit the plastic light with my hand to dislodge the fasteners. I just thought it was weird that they weren’t telling me to use this tool or that tool to dislodge it. Just hit it with my hand. Hm. Well it’s not that easy anyway. I eventually pried it open and after a little more struggle I replaced both bulbs (the turn signal light was out too) and screwed it all back in place. Ta da, it worked! But did my brake lights work?

– This morning I went to the leasing office to ask someone if they could check my brake lights. It was closed. There was a guy with a clipboard standing in the parking lot. He may have been a serial killer, but I greeted him with a “good morning” and then asked him if he could check my brake lights. On the way to the car, I thought I’d attempt another greeting, so I asked, “How are you today?” Silence. I glanced over at him and he had a look on his face like I was some sort of weird creature talking out of my ear. He finally answered, “I’m fine.” Anyway, he said my brake lights were both working. I had a feeling I should ask someone else, so I asked my manager. Both signals are working now, plus the brake lights. All systems are go, but I felt better asking him than a stranger.

– Yesterday brought a nice surprise. I ordered a new CD from another one of my favorite comedians the other day. The guy’s name is John Heffron. I already have one of his CDs called “Good Kid, Bad Kid” which is really funny. Anyway, I didn’t expect the package to be delivered so soon after ordering, but while I was at home yesterday before going to work in the afternoon, there was a knock on my door and it was the mail lady. She had the CD! Yay! So I could listen to it before going off to work. He talks about some material that was on his other CD, but then talked about new stuff too, since he got married. The CD is called “The Better Half”. Minimal swearing, too. When he made this newest CD, he was thirty-five. So he talked about cassettes, Trapper Keepers and Van Halen.

Here’s a clip of some of his stuff from “Comedy Central”:

7 thoughts on “So Technical

  1. You are a brave brave girl for asking a potential “serial killer” to check your lights.. Glad he wasn’t though and all is fine with the world .. and yer brake lights.. :)

  2. Churlita: Thanks! :) Well usually I would wait till last minute, but the more I thought about my brake light being out, the more I feared I’d get pulled over by police.

    BabyBull: Still not sure if that guy was a serial killer or not, but maybe I wasn’t his target and when he’s not psychotic he’s courteous. ;)

    Manuel: He talks about so many things I can relate to, and have spent quality time laughing at his stuff. Glad you like him too!

    Eroswings: It would’ve been weird to not get him anything, we’ve been working together for six years. Had to send him off with something, ya know? :)

  3. That was a small word .. who would have thunk? You’re more outgoing than me, when I replaced my lights, I backed my car facing a window to check if the lights were working, lol

  4. A: I’m definitely gonna do that next time, or something like it. I can usually test my front signals while I’m behind a car, and the signals in the back are easier to check too.

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