Just An FYI

I don’t like speaker phone. I really dislike it very much. I can see how it frees up hands to do other work and such, but that seems to be the only benefit. I don’t use it, but sometimes people who call me put me on speaker phone. Then I don’t get the clear, one-to-one, conversation. There’s certainly the feeling like that person isn’t paying attention to what we’re talking about. You know they’re distracted, and I don’t like the feeling that we have to shout.

No thanks. I’m anti speaker phone.


8 thoughts on “Just An FYI

  1. Having cordless phones it is helpful at times to have a speaker phone when on hold.. I have been caught talking on speaker phone with a friend without realizing she had done so and her youngest son had heard what I had said as he walked into the kitchen during our conversation..which was not pg rated..lol

  2. I hate being on speakerphone, especially when it’s with engineers and bosses at the same time. The bosses seem to always need the detailed explanations of things.

  3. Hear! Hear! I can never quite hear the conversation clear over the echos and white noise of the speaker phone! Sometimes, I check by hitting a button, to make sure I’m not alone on the line and that I haven’t lost a connection!

  4. Manuel: I can see how being put on hold for a long time could make someone appreciate speaker phone. Thankfully, I haven’t run into that, except at home where I don’t have speakerphone.

    Babybull: Oh yeah, you do have to be careful with what you’re saying over the speaker, especially when kids are in the area.

    AlienCG: I feel like whenever I have to explain something over speakerphone, I have to shout. So I catch myself shouting at the phone when it’s probably not necessary.

    Suze: Yup, Amen sistah. ;)

    Dmarks: It does sound awful!

    Eroswings: I hate the echos of speaker phone, yes. Unfortunately we have to go through conference calls every so often with several different schools. It’s dull and irritating.

    Evil-E: Yes, when my manager and I would have to have a conference call with other schools and our HQ, we’d hear people who would forget they were on a conference call and it would be very distracting.

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