Here Ya Go

Thought I’d post a few photos today. These were taken in 2006 when I went exploring with my camera. It was a beautiful day.

Here’s a tree full of blossoms and a perfectly located bench at Lakewood Park in Lakewood, Ohio:


I’m a swinger, baby, yeah! Always loved the swings, and this was taken again at Lakewood Park. I set my camera timer and started swinging. Fun, fun, fun:


Here are my shoes and a mere fragment of a fragment of Lake Erie. The water was so clear, I had to take a photo:


A little section of Edgewater Beach called Perkins Beach, seen through the trees of the parking lot. Looks kind of tropical:

This is the original slide at Cove Park in Lakewood, Ohio. Lots of cuts, scrapes and broken bones happened to kids on this lovely piece of playground equipment. I know I sliced my finger open when they first installed the tunnel on the slide, then another day while trying to walk up the wrong way, I fell and banged my nose against the slide, got a bloody nose. One kid fell off the top of the slide and broke his collar bone. I think that was all before we had that rubber matting put down. We lived on the edge, people. Oh and while I was going through these online, I noticed that there is a little graffiti on the tree there. I’m sure there’s even more now, maybe on the slide itself.


12 thoughts on “Here Ya Go

  1. Those are all great pics .. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane.. That slide really looks as if it’s seen it fair share of injuries.. I hope they replaced with something safer..

  2. I particularly like the pink blossoming tree and the beach fotos. You’ve a very good eye for spotting great foto ops, and you’ve got a great talent for capturing them.

    Oh, metal slides. Didn’t they just suck on a hot day!?!

  3. Such a perfectly creative idea to take a picture of yourself swinging. Great pictures all around. I never hurt myself on that slide, but I’d probably get stuck inside the tunnel if I tried today.

  4. Babybull: It has seen its share of injuries and other interesting things. It would be sad if they took it down, though. They did put up another slide in another section of the park. That one is plastic.

    Eroswings: Thank you so much! :) That day was just filled with one photo opportunity after another. It was really foggy at first, so I took some photos then too. And yes, those metal slides were extremely hot after sitting in the summer sun. Worse if we had shorts on and got stuck halfway down the slide. Ouch.

    Laura B.: Thank you! Yes, that slide is definitely old school. So were the swings nearby.

    Evil-E: Thank you!

    Suze: Great idea! I’ve taken a photo of my brother climbing a tree, but not myself. Our old house had a good climbing tree. Think the current owners would mind if I snuck back there and climbed the tree? ;)

    Noregrets: It was fun, I wasn’t sure how the picture would turn out.

    AlienCG: Thank you! I’ll have to find the video I took when I went down that slide on the same day I was taking photos.

    K_sra: Thank you, Ksra! Anytime! :)

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