Angriness is….(Page 6)

“Saturday Night Live is canceled, and you stayed up late for nothing.”

Back when I thought SNL was hilarious and daring, I would look forward to staying up late on Saturday night just to watch the show. It made me mad when they’d cancel it for the week. My brother taught me how to mumble “Ruddabegga, ruddabegga” when I was angry. So that’s what I’m doing in that drawing. Looks like I was still thinking of swearing, though, too.

I’d also stay up late to watch horror movies during the weekend. This was back when we all lived in a really old, awesome house in Lakewood. I’d be sitting on the couch all alone, listening to the theme song to “The Omen” and getting wonderfully freaked out. Then I’d hear the floorboards creek on the ceiling and wonder what was causing it. Sure it could’ve been either one of my parents, but my imagination was wired during those times.


7 thoughts on “Angriness is….(Page 6)

  1. Shows not being on that you were looking forward to definitely make me angry. It happens sometimes on Spanish channels where they say they will be broadcasting a game and then end up not doing it. Pisses me of fthey can’t get their schedule correct.

  2. LOL – very cute cartoon/drawing as usual :)! Ahhhhhh – PAT from SNL was the best. You never knew if Pat was a he or she lol! That always sucked – when you would stay up late and get all excited over your fav. show and for some reason it wasn’t on. I hated that as well.

  3. Churlita: My parents used to watch SNL sometimes, back when Belushi and Akroyd were on there. Sometimes they’d let me watch, and I remember the bit about the shark knocking on doors pretending to be a “candygram”.

    Manuel: I hate it when the baseball or football games go over and push out the shows I want to see. Not fair.

    Evil-E: Hmm, I wonder which cast members you’re talking about? ;)

    Renee: Thanks! Oh yeah, Pat was an interesting character. I also liked Church Lady and now the character Debbie Downer.

    AlienCG: I was quite irate. Blood-shot eyes and everything!

    K_sra: That is more angriness, it’s true. I do the same thing with movies that I really shouldn’t watch but have to anyway until I can’t take it anymore. Oh and I found ANOTHER book this morning that I made called “Irritation is”. I wish I had the same motivation to make books like I did when I was in school.

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