Angriness is….(Page 5)

“When you have to repeat things to your parents.”

Fortunately, this kind of thing didn’t happen very often. Odds are, they had to repeat things to me more. Apparently it was enough for me to write about, though. My dad always wore a red baseball cap. And it looks like we all wore turquoise-framed eyeglasses.


9 thoughts on “Angriness is….(Page 5)

  1. Babybull: Yes, the Turquoise Family of Ohio. ;)

    Churlita: Hey, it happens, right?

    Evil-e: It was nice to be heard, that’s for sure.

    CyberPete: I had a few friends who lived on the same street, so it wasn’t too hard for my parents to give me the okay most of the time.

    Manuel: Next time just tell her you were thinking deep thoughts. :)

  2. Wow your dad is real tall :)! Ah I hated repeating anything to my parents as well. Ya know if you were to say anything bad, they would hear that loud and clear but anything else was a simple “Huh……What?”

  3. AlienCG: That word was popular in our household too.

    Renee: He was pretty tall, actually! One of my cousins was teasing me one day and I was telling him that this brother of mine or that brother of mine would beat him up, but he said he was taller than them. Then I said, “Okay, then I’ll tell my dad on you!” And he said, “Oh well that’s different, he’s taller than I am.” Hehe.

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