Brains! Need Your Brains!

Did I sound like a zombie there? Hope so. Anyway, September 2008 is approaching quickly. Therefore, if you have any ideas for the eclectic holiday list, I’d love to see them in the comments! Here are some ideas from the past:

– Write a Song Day (Lyrics and/or Music)
– Pimp (aka Promote) a Fellow Blogger Day
– Sunscreen Appreciation Day

Also, if you have a birthday coming up in September, let me know about it so that I can post up a cyber cake for you! Don’t be shy about it. Finding a zany cake online and posting it up here for you brings joy to my life as a blogger.

Thank you, all!

11 thoughts on “Brains! Need Your Brains!

  1. BHM and The Mrs 1 Year Wedding Anniversary on the 14th.

    Introduce A New Blogger Day..

    Celebrate Your Favorite Delicatessen Day..

    End Of Summer Appreciation Day

    Guitar Hero and Wii Appreciation Day

    Eat All Your Veggies Day

    Miss Punk Rocker Appreciation Day (her idea)

    Eat My Shorts Day (celebrate the Simpsons)

    Top Ten Commenters Day (brag about your top ten if you have some)

  2. All: Great holidays again!

    AlienCG: Yay, the 6-month smoke-free anniversary will certainly have to be listed! As for the appreciation days, I stopped those for awhile since more and more people were mentioning their birthdays and that’s when I’d promote their sites. Then last month was “Promote a Fellow Blogger”, and that was an appreciation day too. Maybe it should be a feature, though.

    Renee: Yes, definitely a remembrance day for 9/11 – an Anti-Violence Day or something. Thank you for the idea!

  3. Dead Blog Day – find a blog that’s been untouched for two years or more. Points for interesting content.

    Smoke Inhalation Awareness Day – For those of you burning leaves in your yard. speaking of which…

    Leaf Pile-Up Day! – yay! jump in leaves!

    Wear White After Labor Day Day – pretty self-explanatory

    Puppet Recreation Week – recreate your favorite scene from a movie or tv show with dolls or puppets or pets. post to youtube.

    Fidalia’s Bday – 16th

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