Now with the Scent of Febreze

– I feel like such a humanitarian right now. This past weekend I was able to donate some of my blood to the mosquitoes that are suffering of starvation and thirst. Warms my heart. My right foot was exposed on Friday night/Saturday morning while I slept, so that’s when I was apparently able to give. Woke up with eight bites on my foot, including one on one of my toes. Then I was later able to give from my other leg. I feel generous.

– My weekend o’organization was utilized, but I didn’t pack all the cleaning into two days. I forgot to take into account that during those days I need to rest, sleep, eat and live. Then today my exhaustion-induced irritability appeared after I went to wash some clothes and the freaking washing machine ate my quarters. It was a sign that I needed to just call the cleaning quits for the day and start a-new tomorrow. That’s what I did.

– Got a bunch of stuff I was able to drop off at the Salvation Army, but there were a few things I just put down into our mail room for any interested tenants. Someone took one box of mine and just when I thought it was out of site forever, I found the whole box down on the floor by the elevators. I took out some trash thinking that someone would come back for the box, but nobody did. So I put the box back on the shelf in the room. Later on, it went missing again, but I think for good.

Here are some photos of my weekend of organization:

My coat closet shelves…

And my bedroom closet shelves.

Okay, what else, what else…Oh today I heard a name that amused me: Cinder Dick. It’s an old nickname used to describe railroad detectives. Now you know!

Got home from work today and cleaned out my car. It’s amazing how quickly it can accumulate CDs and stuff. It now just needs a good car wash and a vacuuming, but the inside is all nice. My next project, I think, will be my video/DVD collection.

– I’ve got a thing for cleaning supplies. Just like I have a thing for shampoos. I don’t buy everything on the shelves, but I love to look at everything on the market. I finally caved and bought a “multi-purpose” spray that claimed to have the scent of Febreze. All I smelled when I cleaned with the stuff was Windex. But hey, it’s better than the smell of dirt. Lesson learned, I won’t have to buy that stuff anymore. Just stick to the classics.

– While cleaning, I came across yet another book I had written called “Anxiety Is”. Apparently back when I didn’t take the word “anxiety” as a bad term, I typed out some pages of the awesome moments that made me anxious as a kid. No Paxil required. One example went something like, “Anxiety is church service on Christmas Eve”. Oh I knew that anxiety. I wanted that priest guy to get to the point already so that we could go home to unwrap some presents. It was obvious that the spirit of the lord was not within me at that time. Just the spirit of toys. Anyway, when I found my book, I realized that not all the pages were illustrated yet. Hmm…Maybe I need to bring out my colored pens again. I did not tuck those away in a hard-to-reach spot.


9 thoughts on “Now with the Scent of Febreze

  1. I should really get to some organizing of my own. I have a computer room that needs a bit of organizing at the moment.

    Another book? Well, we have to see what’s on those pages.

  2. How very industrious of you. I have a feeling I will be going through an organization period in the next couple of months, more to come on that though.

    Those milk crates are the greatest things ever created. They do not break down like cardboard boxes and can be reused millions of times. Good job.

  3. I have to agree with Evil-e, those crates are great for anything and everything..The closet looks great .. Are you going to post your Anxiety Is series too?

  4. AlienCG: My computer desk still needs more order to it. I will definitely post my book, “Anxiety is”.

    Evil-e: Yes, the milk crates are awesome. I was using them to store clothes in my closet. Just stacked them all up. But I thought they’d work better as a spot to store my books, so I cleaned them all out and re-organized.

    Babybull: Thank you! I like that I could see the progress, and I’d like to keep everything organized for as long as possible. Once my “Angriness Is” book is done, I’ll start posting my “Anxiety Is”. One emotion at a time, though. ;)

  5. Wow. it’s inspiring, indeed. just reading about your bumble-bee activity makes ME feel industrious by proxy. I’ve been enjoying some organizational endeavors as well. Maybe you can see them if you can come over tonight. : )

  6. That makes me want to listen to the song, “The Green Hornet” while cleaning, because it sounds like a frenzied bumble bee! Yup, I will finally get to see Chez Sarah tonight!

  7. Organizing is one of my wife’s favorite things to do. Looks like you did a good job there. The CDs in the car is a thing I used to be guilty of. The jukebox having all my CDs on it cleared that up. Oh yeah, while on that, thank you for not putting an apostrophe in CDs! That kills me…

  8. Churlita: I’m sure your place looks organized too! Take a photo of it. I’m glad I took photos, because it might not last too long. I should’ve taken a “before” shot.

    Manuel: Oh no problem, I know what you mean. There are certain typos that kill me too.

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