Angriness is….(Page 4)

“A mean history teacher.”

I know who this illustration was representing. He wasn’t one of my favorite teachers. Not because in the picture he looked like a vampire, and not because he’d give us tons of reading assignments, but because he didn’t seem sympathetic to the drama that was happening over in my section of the classroom. A kid who sat behind me would do and/or say things to me that could now be seen as a mild form of sexual harassment. I wound up defending myself, but whenever I approached the teacher, his only solution was for me to move to another seat. Not that I was expecting him to call the cops or get the kid expelled, but why did I have to move? Eh, that part is history.

The kid didn’t bother me after I moved to another seat, though. Except one day on his way back from sharpening his pencil, he stopped at my desk and said with a grin, “I hate you!” To which I responded, “Good!” That was all we said to each other for the rest of the year, I think.


15 thoughts on “Angriness is….(Page 4)

  1. Wasn’t very nice of him to load you up on homework then have you move because some kid was being a jerk.. why wasn’t this kid sent to the principal’s office for being disruptive? Back in the day that’s what was done to these young offenders..glad you weren’t scarred by these tough years..

  2. I learned from personal experience that anybody in a job that involves no expertise, nor required technical training are the most grumpy people on the planet. Being a history teacher in the noncollege level is no exception. If there is any consolation, then it is the fact that he was more angry at himself than anyone else.

  3. (p.s. Blank Day is actually a movie party day at my place in Chagrin Falls. My brother Joel and sis Fidelle are gonna come from the west side. You wanna hitch a ride and come see my new pad? Call Fido for the hookup. : )

  4. Babybull: I don’t think he was ever sent to the principal’s office. I only remember the teacher saying to him, “Would you control yourself?” But the teacher was grinning at him and I have no idea what made him say that.

    K_sra: I turned around once and dug my nails into his hand one day. He was shocked at first and then said, “Oo, I like that!” Couldn’t win, I tell ya.

    Churlita: Yup, it certainly does sometimes.

    Clearthinker: The teacher seemed pretty happy with himself. At least that’s how he came across to me. But who knows what he was really going through.

    K_sra: That would be fun, I have not seen your new place! I’ll call her up!

  5. What a mean man! Sometimes people like that get off on being mean. You’ll find people who don’t think about others or what they say in pretty well any walk of life, won’t you?

    Anyhoo I love the new blog template!

  6. Kids are so damn cruel and having a jackass teacher didn’t help in your case either! It seemed like the meanest teachers were always the History and English ones, ya know? In college, I was taking some world history class and wound up walking in late and the professor made that person (or people) who came in even a min late to stand for the mins they needed to make up, and I felt so humilated. Then he had a cool side of teaching as well – he would never give below a C on his grading scale if you showed up to class everyday. He knew that some had test anxiety and believed if you showed an interest in his class, he would never fail you. Very strange guy but I liked him in the end. A year later, I found out he passed away and I gave one of my other professors a card for his family & then I find out not many people attended his funeral because his family never really cared for him. That was very sad to hear :( !

  7. Your drawings have a distinct Dr. Suess-like quality. I had similar problems with a science teacher who refused to notice a boy who constantly threw guts at all the nerdy girls on dissection days. Bastards.

  8. Ah, the authority figure of a teacher. What a jerkass of a teacher.

    I agree with evil-e, the teacher has that Grinch look to him. I like this book, it has that good negative side to it.

  9. FW: I don’t know why history couldn’t have been as interesting as it really was. A few of my history teachers did make it sound interesting. But not that one.

    T-Bird: Thank you! I like the template too!

    Manuel: I sometimes wonder if he still teaches there or if he’s moved on.

    Suze: Yeah…shiver….

    Renee: It was either hit or miss with any teacher. Luckily most of the ones I’ve had have been pretty good. And yet there were enough odd balls to remember as well. One college professor I had would tell us that if we had any questions, to just ask. Then someone would ask a question and he’d scoff at them because he’d say he just talked about it. Grr. That is sad to hear about your professor, though. :(

    Evil-E: Yes, that’s true. If anything, it did keep the him away from me. Seemed so simple. Then again, so would punishing the kid.

    Abroad: Never thought about them resembling Dr. Suess characters! A kid throwing guts during science is disgusting. Is it that the teacher won’t believe anything until they see the crime, or what? They seemed to have blinders on sometimes.

    AlienCG: Glad you like it! There are 8 more pages to go.

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