Angriness is….(Page 3)

Why there were test re-takes, I don’t know. But that burned me up when I’d have to take the test again. Worse when I didn’t do as well as the original test. Maybe the teacher wanted to check to see if kids were cheating. I don’t know. But grrr! Made me angry enough to add to this book.


11 thoughts on “Angriness is….(Page 3)

  1. I never really had a retest, unless the entire class did poorly. I had a teacher who admitted the original was too hard because other teachers got Ds and Fs on it.

  2. well that’s not very nice of the teacher.. regardless of his/her agenda.. I never had re-takes..or remember doing that great on tests to begin with..

  3. I remember taking a retest in grade school. The spelling test was originally designed to separate the class in 3 groups. The mainstream group had the regular spelling words to memorize; the mastery group had additional words; the bonus group had even more words to memorize. I was new in the class, kept to myself, and I think the teacher suspected I had cheated to get a 90, the minimum to get into the bonus group. I retook the test the next day and made 100. Still, she only bumped me to the mastery group, the minimum score for that was 80. But I was glad, because I didn’t have extra homework.

  4. Manuel: Sounds like you were a sensible, smart teacher!

    Evil-E: Can’t remember why that teacher wanted us all to redo it. They lost the entrance exam results when I was preparing for college, so I had to retake the English test. Thankfully they found the originals and those were better.

    Babybull: Tests were usually fine for me before college. I stunk at college exams, though.

    AlienCG: Grade school was a time for us to shine.

    Eroswings: Great that you scored high on the test, but also good that you weren’t put into the group that had extra homework! Awesome! :) I loved the spelling tests, it was probably my favorite part of English.

  5. That’s not cool that you had to retake a test because some other kids may have done poorly. And look – you had on red on that Weds – shows the real anger coming out :)! Always enjoy your drawings!!!

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