Saturday Scavenger Shots: “Animal”

The Churlitanator over at “Churlish Figure” chose this week’s word to be “Animal”. Wasn’t sure what to post at first. I thought of posting photos of my cat again, but instead found some old photos in my Flickr archives that just screamed of “animal”. Here they are:

We had a bird feeder in the back of our office building a few years ago. It obviously attracted more than birds. One day a coworker called me and said, “Get over here and bring your camera!” So I rushed over to her section of the building and, standing right outside the window, was a huge buck.


Here he is again, looking right through the window at me. I call him Derek because it looks like he’s giving me his model look, “Blue Steel”.


Here’s one more photo for this word. Check out mah little change purse with animal print. Rowr. It’s not made of fur, just printed fabric – probably a synthetic. No animals were harmed in the making of this purse (at least none that I know of).


15 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Shots: “Animal”

  1. AlienCG: I saw a bunch yesterday in front of a house. Right in their front yard. Don’t see them for days and days, and then suddenly a bunch show up in places you least expect.

    Evil-E: Yeah, I’m pretty glad there was a wall of glass between us with those antlers he had. Didn’t want to aggravate him.

    Cricket: Thanks! I found that wallet last week when cleaning out my desk, and it occurred to me that I could use that for this week’s word. That must’ve been awesome to have deer eat from your hand! I’ve had goats eat from my hand, but never deer.

    Babybull: Thank you! Yeah, I hope he realized I was a human. Probably wondered what everyone was staring at.

  2. We have deer around every neighbourhood now that development has encroached upon their normal habitats.
    They ARE beautiful, but very destructive too…
    I tend to veer toward the first opinion more though..
    (Ours have NO fear and will come RIGHT up to people as no one threatens them. I think some feed them too, which is really NOT right…)

  3. Merri: Very true about them being destructive. I’ve heard numerous accounts of them smashing cars and charging. One stepped out in front of my brother when he was driving one night. Totally smashed his front end, caused lots of damage.

  4. NoRegrets: Thanks! I almost gave that purse away to clear up some clutter, but I’m glad I hung onto it for the photo opportunity!

    Ksra: Yeah, he had a sort of, “Huh??” quality to his expression. Either that or he was thinking, “You know there’s more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. Now let me eat in peace.”

  5. Churlita: Thank you! I was glad that I was able to get a close shot of the deer before they sprinted off.

    Renee: Thank you, if that glass hadn’t been there, I probably could’ve touched the deer…But I think, looking at those antlers, that it was best I didn’t.

  6. IDV: Or maybe he flew over to the US just for a break? Actually, I thought of you and Beaky last night while watching “The Spiderwick Chronicles”. This huge monster ogre guy would turn into a menacing, black bird with an orange eye. Maybe Beaky took an acting role?

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