Angriness is….(Page 2)

“When you have tons of homework to do.”

On some days it did seem like there was homework for each one of my classes, and the work was up to the ceiling. But I survived….and graduated.


11 thoughts on “Angriness is….(Page 2)

  1. that would make anyone angry…

    You know what’s funny, look at us now. We hated doing reports back in the school years, now you come home and try to think of a post to write, which is sort of like writing a little report every day.

  2. AlienCG: Yeah, that was a pretty big table, wasn’t it? They don’t make them like that anymore. Unless they’re at Ikea..Not sure.

    Evil-E: Good point! We are typing out reports which are now blogs! It’s more fun than work, though.

    Babybull: I certainly did need it, especially in college where the books seemed to get heavier and heavier. I don’t know of anyone who loved homework, unless it was for an art project.

    Manuel: It did, yes.

    Eroswings: There were too many of those holiday projects, that’s for sure. I was given a science project to do during my Christmas break one time! The nerve! Of course I waited till the last few days of my break to do the project.

  3. Yeah, homework was one of those things I never really understood. it was a rare day in February when I actually learned something extra from doing the homework. In fact, in college the homework tripled or quadrupled overnight and I thought, “this sucks!”

    You grtadutated and so did I! hurrah! I should dig up one of our graduation photos and post it for fellow-bloggers’ edification. : )

  4. Churlita: It certainly seems that way in school. That’s why I loved my 2nd grade teacher. She didn’t believe in sending kids home with work.

    Renee: Yeah, talk about taking work home with you! People do that now. I did it once and chalked up some overtime. But I wouldn’t do it on a normal basis.

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